#90DayFiance Star Anfisa Arkhipchenko RIPS Haters — Denies Plastic Surgery With Before-And-After Photos!

Posted on Sep 13 2017 - 1:21pm by Nancy

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is clapping back at the media for exposing her dramatic plastic surgery transformation.

The 90 Day Fiance star called out gossip tabloid, In Touch Weekly, for claiming she looked like a, “totally different person” before getting her new face.

“These gossip websites are something else,” the reality star posted on her Facebook page. She added that because of these false headlines, “A lot of people say the same thing under most of my pictures.”

The magazine’s Sept. 12 article included a picture of a younger Anfisa — which clearly illustrates her intense love affair with going under the knife. But in an effort to prove she’s had minimal work done, the Russian import posted before-and-after photos. Check out her post below.

The 22-year-old claims she only enhanced her lips and credits her new face to aging.

The green card hustler was slammed by fans after she posted her before-and-after pics. One fan called out the reality star for not using current photos.

“Your not using up to date picture to compare so you had work done stop lying.”

Another commenter posted, “Yes I see a big difference.”

Many other fans blasted Anfisa but their comments were quickly deleted.

“Stop with the plastic surgery. You are gorgeous without it. Now you look like a blowfish.” 

“Sorry but y’all so blind if u can’t notice she’s had work done. She looks horrible.” Another commenter remarked.

“Stay away from all that plastic surgery. Injections, implants, shots; just say no. Now you’ve ruined your face.”  

The new divorcee does not hide her passion for the plastic — fans witnessed Anfisa consult with a cosmetic surgeon and received Botox injections during season two of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever AfterJorge Garcia’s ex shamelessly remarked that everyone is “plastic,” nowadays on an episode of the TLC reality series.

AllAboutTheTea.com did some digging for ourselves and more current pics of the former bride reveal major enhancements to Anfisa’s face.

1 year ago (before) and current (after)

1 year ago (before) and current (after)

Tell us what you think. Is Anfisa’s drastically changing face attributed to plastic surgery or aging? Sound off in the comments!


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  • just me…

    LOL…ok…natural noses get bigger as we age…not narrow. and darling…tell me about aging when you have actually done so.

  • Txtea

    I don’t see why she would shy away from saying she’s had a nose job? She’s still ugly as hell

    • chacha1

      no amount of plastic surgery or “Buttocks” is going to change the fact that she resembles a weasel

      • Txtea

        Have ou ever seen hocus pocus? You know the fat one with the twisted face? They must be kin

  • chacha1

    this ugly weasel faced violent bitch should be on her way back to Russia… I now hear her and Jorge have been signed up to a Talent Agency … so what are their talents, she is violent and he is a STUPID lying fat bastard ……
    BTW after the Tell All they show her and numb nuts in the hotel room talking and she really has a huge honker on her … ugly profile with that honker

    • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

      Some “talent” agency! Holy cow, they are walking behind the horse and picking up the turds.

      • chacha1

        Exactly !!!

  • chacha1

    I also read that she got a chin implant and TLC wanted to film it and pay for it but she said no, I guess she has a rich jocker on the side because Jorgey Girl cannot afford that surgery… and ast year at the Tell All didn’t they arrive late because they had no money and were stuck in LV …. and then they showed their smashed cell phones from a fight that they had ….. why didn’t they show that along with her scratching his car this season

    • Sandy Wood

      Her chin does seem more defined and her nose is narrower, pretty sure she has some work done. Had to laugh when she told the doctor that she didn’t need “buttox” in her forehead because she never got angry and frowned.

      • chacha1

        yeah she never got angry …. she was always angry and violent ….. “buttox” LOL

  • chacha1

    I miss MsM… where are you ??

    • Sandy Wood

      I would love to hear MsM’s professional opinion on this latest batch of 90 Day Fiascos.

  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    That’s a new nose.

    • chacha1

      you bet it is, if you watched the show they show her and Jorge talking at the table and her profile showed a huge nose you will see it if you DVR’s the Tell All …. so if they filmed that 6 months ago, she had to have had nose surgery

      • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

        Yes, I’ve always noticed how disproportionate her nose is.

  • cininne

    She has clearly had her forehead, eyes, lips, cheeks and chin worked on. She must think we are, to quote Chantel’s mother “stupid Americans.” LOL

  • Jackie

    she looks like she had a mini facelift, nose done, and lips plumped. she did a tad too much with the lips and looks like the joker now.

  • KT

    Ummmmm, yeah……and Kylie Jenner hasn’t had any work done either.

    • chacha1

      Kylie Jenner that thin lipped butter faced little HO

  • 3!13

    She touched that nose too. Know she looks like octomom

  • SassyPants

    Oh Pluezeeee Anfisa… Gurl you know you had work done, its so obvious too. Just admit it! No one is gonna get offended if you just admit you had work done!

  • what’s going on

    Anfisa should sue her plastic surgeon. Her lips are upside down.