#90DayFiance Star Mohamed Jbali Affected By Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma not only decimated parts of the caribbean and Florida but also controversial reality star, Mohamed Jbali.

While most people in South Florida evacuated before the devastating hurricane made land fall — the 90 Day Fiance star braved the storm by hunkering down in his Miami apartment.

“Irma is behaving very bad in Miami. No electricity, but we still have phone coverage. People indoors are safe.”

But the ex husband of Danielle Mullins wasn’t ready for the lashing Irma would deliver. The storm hit with a vengeance — Irma’s impact caused massive flooding, devastating wind, inland tornadoes and massive storm surges across Florida. Mohamed was in utter disbelief at the havoc caused by the dangerous weather.

“For real this storm is unbelievable,”Mohamed posted on his Instagram account. “I never expected to see this type of weather in real life.”


After a tumultuous divorce from ex wife Danielle Mullins — the Tunisian import is picking up and restarting his life. On 90 Day Fiancé, fans saw a broken man in a tumultuous relationship, as he called the police on his then-wife for opening a DirecTV account in his name, destroying his clothes, stealing money from him and more.

Alleged infidelity also led to the end of their marriage, as Mullins accused Jbali of cheating with various women, including blonde bombshell Luisa Berry.

The couple’s divorce was granted on March 22.


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