RECAP: #ShahsofSunset Reza Exposes Asa’s ‘Deceptive’ IVF Secrets To MJ!

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We’re back with the Shahs of Sunset! We join Shervin as he taps into his inner Bill Clinton at the cigar store. So, did Shervin have sexual relations with that woman — Miss Tara? He tells Mike, as they chug back the scotch, no. Shervin claims he never touched her and the proof is he’s surrounded by beautiful women all the time, why would he touch one he’s not attracted to? Umm, because she was willing and able and had a pulse? But don’t take it from me, take it from Mike, who says you can’t build a relationship on lies because women will eventually find out the truth.

Next, we join GG for an acting lesson. Yet another reality star will be starring in the off-Broadway play Sex Tips for Straight Woman from a Gay Man. We learn GG was born with a slight hearing loss and relies heavily on lip reading. Her acting coach says, Who cares, let’s begin. And boy is he a patient – hand holder. He won’t let go of GG’s hand. Not sure if that’s part of the play, or just creepy, but good luck to GG.

Onto Reza and Adam who are at the doctor’s office to hear the results of their jack-off tests. The doctor informs Reza he passed with flying sperm colors, however, Adam has some abnormal swimmers. Adam blames wearing tight jeans with his tidy-whities the day before so Adam will have to jack-off again, per doctor’s orders. Next, the two need to select egg donors. Hold on! This is moving way too fast for Reza. He wants to buy a house first. And then I’m sure he’ll want some furniture, a car, a watch, new clothes and anything else he can come up with to delay this new stage in their lives.

MJ and Tommy are walking the dogs in a park to discuss their game plan for getting pregnant. It’s not much of a plan, other than, get pregnant by the end of the year. MJ informs Tommy that Asa lied about getting pregnant the natural way when she actually defrosted some embryos. Tommy tells MJ that Asa is not a friend, so forget about it already, will ya?

Asa is editing her footage from Israel and sharing it with her mother. She also plans to have an event where she can unveil it to the world. Asa pities her friends who didn’t get as much of a spiritual awakening as she did because she is so above them. Asa is hopeful this video “art piece” will inspire her friends to let go of their petty bullshit.

Babies are everywhere! Mike has set up a photoshoot with lots of diversified babies wearing his baby moccasin shoes. The babies are adorable, even the crying ones. Mike’s mother stops and greets the mama’s boy with many, many, many kisses. Not awkward at all. But, interestingly, this photoshoot has ignited baby fever in Mike and his cock-clock is officially ticking.

GG and her mom are visiting an audiologist to get her hearing tested. So, GG didn’t fail exactly, but she didn’t pass like Reza passed his test. GG needs a hearing aid and she doesn’t want one. The good news is since GG last wore a hearing aid as a kid and was teased, hearing aids have gotten smaller. GG is on board because it’s her storyline quest to become a healthier person.

It’s time to preview Asa’s video. The outdoor event is beautiful with lights strung in the trees and finger foods for the guests. Asa’s family and friends begin to arrive. Even though Asa is seven months pregnant and heavily invested in the pro-healthy-in utero-baby thing, she is wearing four inch heels. Then Asa says she doesn’t complain about being pregnant, yet clips are shown of her doing exactly that.

Over at MJ’s house, she is getting ready by duct taping her boobs to the dress she’s wearing so they don’t pop out. Having said that, even with the tape, her girls are still hanging out for everyone to see. Reza arrives and is shocked to see that no progress has been made at their condo. There’s still no sink in the bathroom. Stuff is still in boxes. And the condo still hasn’t been painted. And these two want to have a baby?

Shervin arrives at the party acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Fake it ‘till you make it, bro. Shervin tells GG she played both sides at her roller-skating party, hinting that her loyalty should have been to him. In his testimonial Shervin says that since GG lied about Reza being filmed going down on a dude, she is obviously lying about this. He tries to tell GG she misheard. He and Tara met up, not hooked up. See the difference? It’s like four letters. GG says she wants out of the middle of this and tells Shervin may God be his judge. Amen to that.

Back with Reza, Tommy and MJ, they discuss the in vitro process and Reza lets out of the bag that MJ and Asa went to the same doctor at the same time for their egg retrievals. MJ wasn’t drunk enough to not pick up on this and now she’s pissed. During this time, Asa questioned her about the process, and MJ was honest about it, but Asa wasn’t. Both Reza and MJ agree that Asa isn’t being truthful about her immaculate conception.

The trio arrives at the party and Reza is super scared MJ will unleash on Asa about going to see her doctor. And he should be. Some of the gang brought baby gifts for Asa, some did not. Of course Mike gave previously worn baby shoes. MJ then tries to open some of the gifts and pretend they are for her and her non-existent baby.

It’s show time! The video art is called: Our Future. Get this, Paris Jackson was there to view it. I mean, if she can show up, why can’t Asa’s baby daddy? Of course, maybe he was there and wouldn’t allow Bravo to film him because he’s so famous and powerful, like the Wizard of Oz. And don’t blink because this film’s over. Not to worry, another show’s about to start, featuring MJ and Asa called: Our Past.

GG sticks her nose in the middle of this, even though ten minutes ago she told Shervin she didn’t want her nose in the middle. Asa says she and MJ haven’t had a level of intimacy for a while, and she doesn’t trust her, and she doesn’t respect someone who doesn’t respect their friendship. Tommy tries to console MJ via suffocation, but MJ can’t take it and walks out.

Tune in next week to see GG and her sister get into it and GG’s quest to become a healthier person go down the toilet.


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