90 Day Fiance

RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Sean and Abby Get Relationship Advice From Voodoo Witch!

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The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couples continue their quests for love — where will we find our favorites this week?

Cortney and Antonio

We catch up with Cortney, jetting across the globe to meet her dream man in Spain. Her lonely heart arrives, but Antonio is a no-show. Antonio finally communicates, claiming a work conflict, and sets up a meeting at a local attraction. Cortney is annoyed and frustrated, but finds her way to the spot. She settles in to wait, but is worried that she may have trekked to Spain for a fake.

TLC flashes us back 24 hours, and reveals that Antonio is a real person. We watch one of his modeling shoots, and learn about his online dating career. Antonio shares that he chats with lots of girls, and is happy being single. Antonio was attracted to Cortney, so he figured he would add her to the list. We sit in on a convo with one of his friends, where Antonio admits that Cortney’s eyes are semi-special. Antonio dishes that Cortney doesn’t like sexy texts, and Antonio’s pal warns him that the American is looking for a ring. The jury’s out, until Antonio can get an up-close grope & sniff — always something to look forward to. Antonio finally makes his grand entrance, and Cortney is relieved that he’s not a fishy phony, and even cuter in person. She busts him for standing her up, and Antonio is put off by her frigid crabbiness. He sweet talks Cortney off the ledge, before he breaks it to her that their first date is judging a bevy of pageant beauties.

Sean and Abby

We join Sean and Abby in Haiti, more in lust than ever. They decide to celebrate by visiting a voodoo priestess, evidently the Haitian remedy for itchy skin curses. Mambo Gladys raises an eyebrow, and confirms that Abby’s skin is infested with foreign cooties. Abby spills that she was recently in the Dominican Republic with boyfriend #2, Chris, who is also stuck with the stubborn rash. Gladys advises her to watch her trampy choices, before putting her through a covert mambo-jambo remedy, sure to cure the creepy crawlies. Chris is expected to make an appearance, where Sean will judge if there are still sparks flying between the love of his life and the bumpy old guy. Abby hopes that she won’t have to referee a senior smackdown.

Darcey and Jesse

Jesse is whipping Darcey into shape, as we join the controversial couple in Amsterdam. The age gap is real, but Darcey’s heart is young and she thinks that she looks young — so case closed. The duo meets up with Jesse’s friend, Erdem, and Darcey hopes that the convo goes better than the dinner with his whackadoodle parents. Erdem likes Darcey, but believes that the age difference will ultimately cause problems. Darcey assures him that Jesse is the one, but Erdem wants to know how she’s going to pull off looking young  when she’s 80. Darcey is all about following her heart, even if that means dealing with lots of raised eyebrows.

Darcey is willing to risk it all for love, but Erdem thinks that her heart might be a delusional liar. Erdem reminds her that Jesse could be her son, but Darcey declares that her daughters are up for a big brother/stepfather. Jesse is concerned about the responsibility that comes with being a stepfather, and hopes that choosing an old gal is a wise idea. Erdem’s comments stung, but Darcey forges ahead, ready to formally introduce her daughters to Jesse. Jesse dresses up for the Skype call, and is anxious about meeting the girls. Darcey assures viewers that her girls come first, right when she gets home. One of the girls isn’t home, but Jesse works his charm with Darcey’s oldest, Aniko. They swap small talk, and Darcey slips in another engagement hint before hanging up. Jesse wants to be sure that he’s sure — obviously the mature one in the relationship. Darcey doesn’t want to “pressure” Jesse, but that ship has sailed, and panic is beginning to take over.    

Larry and Jenny

Larry is preparing to travel to the Philippines to meet Jenny, but first meets with his cousin and his wife to get their feedback. His cousin scored his wife on the same dating website, but the couple strongly advises him to take his time. They discourage Larry’s rush, and point out that Jenny is an online whore, trolling for an American sucker. Jenny is a skanky manipulator, but Larry has dug into his 401k to fund the mess, so there’s no turning back now. Larry says goodbye to his pooch, excited for the upcoming love adventure — even if it’s a big scam.

Next week, Larry and Jenny’s story takes off, Myriam drops a bomb, and Karine’s STD/pregnancy tests are in. Don’t miss the fun!


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