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Crying Victim! #RHOC’s Meghan Edmonds Blames ‘Hormones’ After Kelly Dodd Nails Her As Messy Meddler!

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Meghan King Edmonds is crying victim, after Kelly Dodd nailed her as a sneaky meddler — and is using her Bravo blog to plead her case. 

Meghan decided to intervene, after Kelly accused Shannon Beador of sneakily recording her, during a boozy girls night out. Meghan took it upon herself to dish Kelly’s complaint to Shannon — against Kelly’s wishes.

“When Kelly told me that she thought Shannon was recording their conversation, I was so confused. What would be her motive to record Kelly? It doesn’t sound like Shannon at all, so that’s why I wanted to bring it to her attention. I do realize now that I shouldn’t have called her right away, but I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to Kelly at all by doing that – I just wanted to try to shut it down before it ruminated.”

Meghan admits that she butted into the duo’s biz — but blames her shady behavior on baby fatigue. She assures fans that she has no interest in amping drama. 

“Yes, Kelly did say that she wanted to talk to Shannon about it, but she never asked me not to, so I didn’t think it would turn in to such an ordeal, especially since I apologized to Kelly for telling Shannon. I don’t want ANY drama! I’m over here in survival mode! Also, I’m so exhausted with the baby that sometimes I don’t think things through…this was one of those times.”

Meghan moves on to her sit-down with Vicki Gunvalson — where she took  butting in to a whole new level. She again denies any pot-stirring motive.

“I had nothing but good intentions when I met Vicki for lunch. If I’m going to be friends with her, I want it to be authentic. It was so awkward at the lambo party because I locked in the middle of her tension with the other girls, so I wanted to be able to clear the air with her and try to understand how she feels she’s been hurt. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped because when she started saying certain things about Shannon, I felt that as Shannon’s friend, I had to tell her what was said. I even told Vicki that I was going to tell Shannon – that’s not me stirring anything up AT ALL! That’s me being a loyal friend to Shannon.”

Meghan addresses the heated exchange with Kelly — but jumps subjects — just as she did during the episode. Kelly’s problem was Meghan’s blab to Shannon — but Meghan shifts the issue back to the pair’s “affair” text swap.

“For Kelly to snap at me and say she’s being set up – for what? I’ve been nothing but a good friend to Kelly and have ALWAYS been there for her, so I was shocked when she accused me otherwise. What Kelly did wasn’t the same as what I did with the texts and why I brought them up.  (It would’ve been the same if Kelly had asked ME if I was having an affair on Jimmy. I went straight to the source to shut it down when I asked Kelly, but she took it a step further and accused my husband of cheating on me.) I’ve seen her fights with the other girls and never thought her nastiness would be directed towards me. I really appreciate Shannon and Tamra trying to have my back though because what Kelly said to me at bingo was intentionally hurtful – and that mixed with hormones was not a good combo for me.”

Meghan wraps her blog by agreeing with Kelly, noting that she should have stayed home with baby Aspen, that night.

What do you think — truth warrior or self-inflated troublemaker?

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