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RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Paul Demands Karine Take A Pregnancy and STD Test Before Proposing!

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The couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days continue to multiply — as does the drama surrounding their pursuits for true love. What will this week bring, as the couples get closer to their  K-1 realities?

Paul and Karine

We begin the episode with Paul and Karine, who are still getting acquainted, via a translation app. Karine is making much swifter progress with English than Paul is with Portuguese. Karine wants to take a swim in the Amazon, but Paul is worried about Brazilian cooties busting their way into his bloodstream. The couple strolls along, until Karine finds a jumping in spot—begging Paul to join her. Paul sheathes his peen from the Amazon “poop water,” before attempting to impress Karine with a courageous flail. Paul flounders around in the water like someone who has never even walked in a puddle, fully clothed. His clunky dip fell flat, and Karine is actually embarrassed by the “neurotic” American mega-nerd. Paul points out that his willingness to risk death by life jacket proves that he’s in it for the long haul. The couple will be traveling to another city, and Paul plans to ask her father for his blessing, just in case he feels like proposing. The couple later visits a tourist tribe, and Karine has high hopes that her influence will help Paul break away from behaving like a skittish bunny.

Paul later pulls Karine’s father aside, and asks, via charades and broken Portuguese, permission to marry his daughter — if he feels like it. His mother joins the convo, and is thrilled that her daughter hit the American marriage jackpot. We later learn that the Paul and Karine have squabbled — because Paul was busted, packing a pregnancy test. Karine is upset that Paul doesn’t trust her, but Paul has been burned before, and doesn’t want a sneaky slut repeat. Another hussy tried to trick him with a pregnancy, which led him down a yet-to-be-revealed road of horrors. Karine has nothing to hide, and agrees to jump though Paul’s nervous hoops. 

Larry and Jenny

There’s a new lovelorn character on the block this week — Larry, who is a 37-year old McDonald’s manager, from Florida. He has two teen sons, who are his best pals, but Larry is lonely, and needs a good woman. Jenny is his 24-year-old Filipino computer girlfriend — and hopefully his soon-to-be in-person wife. He plans to travel to hug Jenny in the flesh, but has not yet told his sons about their maybe new stepmother. After filling his luggage with snacks, he breaks the engagement ring news to the boys, who are less than impressed. The guys know that their dad is clueless, especially when it comes to choosing jewelry. His sons finally give their blessings, but know that their father is just  a lonely doofus. We later learn that Filipino women are extremely hard-up for green cards, with over 200 takers to Larry’s initial search. Jenny’s pic was the instant winner — but their love is put to the test when Larry learns that Jenny is trolling for love on the side. He anxiously wakes Jenny up in the middle of the night, demands an explanation, and accepts a sleepy excuse — but knows that she could be a dirty liar. Time and TLC will tell.

Patrick and Myriam

Patrick is preparing to jet to Paris to meet Myriam, and hopes that religious differences won’t thwart their true love. Patrick’s mother is concerned, especially if Myriam turns out to be a he — or just a hyped disappointment. Patrick knows nothing about life overseas — and decides to approach the travel challenge bare-chested. We meet Myriam, who describes herself as curious, and always ready to learn. Myriam thinks that Patrick has a hot bad-boy vibe, but is clearly surprised that her Chris Brown fantasy is traveling so far, just for her. The couple meets, and Patrick is thrilled. Myriam is surprised that their online canoodle is actually getting real, and is stressed-out about a “secret,” she has yet to reveal.

Sean and Abby

We hop on over to Haiti, and join Sean and Abby, mid-cuddle. The couple lets us know that they are sexually communicating like pros, but even amid the TMI chatter, Sean is still worried about Abby’s previous senior lover, Chris. Something just isn’t right, and Sean can feel it. They later celebrate Haitian flag day by smooching on the street, as they prepare to meet with Abby’s family. Sean knows that he’s old enough to be his lover’s father, but still hopes that he’s well-received. Sean meets the clan, and Abby’s parents have concerns. Her mother wonders if Sean is a love ‘em or leave ‘em type, and if he will really put a ring on it.  The meeting is an awkward success, but Abby still isn’t sure that Sean is “the one.”

TLC skipped past Amsterdam this week, but Darcey and Jesse will be back next week — so don’t miss it!


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