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Amber Portwood’s New Boyfriend ‘Harassed’ His Ex According To Restraining Order — Inside Andrew Glennon’s Shady Past!

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Amber Portwood snagged a new man before her ex, Matt Baier, could skitter out of the picture — but it looks like the Teen Mom OG star might have just traded one problem for another. Amber’s new beau, Andrew Glennon, has been hit with two restraining orders from two different women, and the details are alarming. Glennon is now speaking out, in an effort to tell his side of one story.   

One of Glennon’s exes filed a domestic violence restraining order against him on April 23, 2015, according to court docs. She requested that Glennon be ordered to stay 500 feet away from her at her home, school, and job. She also asked that her father, stepmother and brother be included in the protection request.

“Since breaking up with him, I have received hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages and Facebook messages from him harassing me,” she wrote. “He has shown up at my work, home and the bus stops I take to and from work as well.”

The couple’s brief relationship lasted for two months, from November 2014 to January 8, 2015, according to the docs. She claimed that he staked out her workplace, waiting for her to exit, adding that she even moved, just to avoid him.

“He has threatened me verbally and I believe yesterday he sent an anonymous letter to my boss and coworkers to deliberately trying to smear me,” she wrote. “He has contacted my family and my friends in order to try and find out about me.”

“I am scared for my safety and I am scared of him,” the woman added.

A temporary order was issued against Glennon on May 14, 2015, but was dismissed in June, after neither party appeared in court.

Glennon is now responding to the discovery, telling his side. He told the outlet that he was unaware of the order, and claimed that he reached out to her employer because of his ex-girlfriend’s behavior.

“I felt it necessary, her being a teacher, to let her employers know what type of person they have working for them,” he tells Radar Online. “She was one of the most poisonous relationships I’ve ever had. I’ve learned from those relationships and all those hard experiences have helped shape me to the man I am now.”

Glennon revealed that he has been single for two years, in hopes of bettering himself. 

“I wanted to enter the next relationship with nothing but purity,” he said. “I have three sisters and would never consider stalking nor harassing any women. In hindsight, I should have contested the first one (didn’t know about the second), but if that is what she wanted, then that is what I go through with. We still talk to this day.”

In October 2013, an ex-girlfriend of three years filed a protection order request, asking that Glennon be forced to keep a 100 yard distance from her and her dog.

“I broke up with him and he was very upset,” she wrote. “[He] hid my keys as I had to leave out of fear. The next day he wouldn’t leave [my] apartment until my dad threatened to call the police.”

This woman alleged that she changed her locks and removed his belongings from her apartment, but claimed that the situation only grew worse.

“In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat,” she wrote. “On my birthday, [he] showed up at my work under a false name delivering flowers. Security at my work turned him away.”

She also alleged that Glennon hacked into her iTunes account and installed a GPS tracker on her phone. She claimed that he continued to obsessively attempt communication, even threatening her, via email. Glennon responded to the accusations, in the court document.

“I lived with [her] for three years, we had a falling out,” he explained in the court docs. “I tried to get her back via flowers and cards. I didn’t hear back from her and was served with an order to appear here. I am determined to fulfill all requests made by [her] and this court. I have moved on and have buried myself in my work.”

Her protection order request was granted for a period of three years, expiring in October, 2016.

Glennon began dating the MTV starlet after the couple met on the set of Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars: Family Edition — where Glennon worked in production. Amber filmed the show in a supposed attempt to save  her relationship with former MTV-er, Matt Baier.

Matt has exited the scene — but has Amber made an impulsively parallel move? Let us know what you think!


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