RECAP: Gold Digger Anfisa Nails Jorge As A Victim & Poser On ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Tell-All Special

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The couples made famous by 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After hashed out their mishmash season with Shaun Robinson, on TLC’s “Tell All” special. The opening of the first part of the series begins by hearing the cast’s expectations of the walk down memory lane. Anfisa Arkhipchenko kicks things off, informing us that her husband, the revenge-seeking Jorge, is confronting the follow-up during his time of the month. Paola is delightfully nervous, and Loren Brovarnik can’t wait to sock it to Anfisa and Mohamed. Danielle hints at a bombshell, and Mohamed keeps the cast and crew guessing — but makes his grand entrance just in the nick of time.

We soon learn that Jorge and Anfisa are kaput. Jorge supposedly played nice to lure Anfisa to the set, so she makes the most of it and nails her husband as a career victim. Anfisa admits that she can be a b*tch, but has only been honest about her open-palmed intentions. Anfisa calmly labels Jorge a poser, and Jorge accuses Anfisa of stalling a legal split long enough to stay in the country permanently. However, Jorge has made no move to start any annulment/divorce process.

valiantly sticks up for American wannabes everywhere, before the cast is invited to rip Jorge and Anfisa to shreds. Anfisa reminds them all that she does care about American credit cards just as much as the green one. Loren butts her beak into the exchange, and nastily calls Anfisa a b*tch, and an ungrateful gold digger. The snoozy TLC-er obnoxiously assumes the role of K-1 ambassador, scolding the couple for making a mockery of international true love. Mohamed informs her that all situations are different, and requests that she can the lecture. Thankfully, Alexi eventually reigns in his motormouth wife. Jorge sheepishly admits that he jumped in heart/peen first, without considering the consequences of committing to a stranger. Jorge originally connected with Anfisa’s hot looks, but Anfisa says that Jorge’s kindness was what sealed the deal for her. Anfisa hits the bullseye again, when she explains that Jorge is playing it tough, because he looked like a giant weenie all season. Shaun speaks to the couple during a “break,” and Jorge threatens to reveal the “real story.” Anfisa skitters away, her nerves seemingly rattled.

explains that he originally reached out to Danielle because he was needy and depressed. Danielle just wishes that Mohamed had stayed needy, and that he would quit hyping their crash and burn on social media.
Paola makes several attempts to steal Shaun’s job, interjecting her elementary analysis at every turn. She jabbers in circles most of the time, and no one cares.

Russ and Paola’s
exhausted storyline is rewound, and lingerie-gate is rammed down our throats, one more time. Paola always seeks to professionally deliver, and wishes that Russ would leave her and her undies alone. Paola states that if the cash is good, she is more than willing to piss off her husband. The couple squabbles as the episode ends — Paola’s dramatic flounce-off designed to rope viewers in for Part 2. But does anyone actually care about Russ and Paola’s endless panty battle? Shaun’s dropped jaw says YES!

Next week, the drama heats up — so don’t miss it! 


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