Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Standifer Enables His Addictive Personality By Paying Off His Tinder Hook Ups!

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Ryan Edwards was caught pitching his junk on Tinder — but his wife is blaming the other woman! The troubled Teen Mom OG star was recently  busted for trying to arrange a boink-fest, even sending dick pics to one seemingly interested taker. The reality star’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer, did not stay quiet — and has been scolding the Tinder tattler for playing along with her overheated hubby.

Mackenzie goes after Ryan’s mark, and the two ladies engage in a testy exchange — in texts obtained by Radar Online.

“No you will not be hooking up,” Mackenzie emoji-laughed. The woman played along, but Mackenzie was in no mood for a sarcastic snark swap.

“Soooo funnnyyyyy. Whatcha laughing about?” Mackenzie snapped.

The woman asked why she was being blamed for her husband’s come-on, and Mackenzie let her have it.

“I’m not sure why you’re mad at me when it’s your husband’s fault” the woman said. Mackenzie clapped back — and labeled her equally responsible for the tawdry Tinder drama. The “other woman” did not back down.

“You’re right, I made him make a tinder and it’s my fault he’s a ****** person,” she said.

“No but it’s your fault you cotinue [sic] to message a man that is married,” Mackenzie fired back.

“It’s not like I actually slept with him,” the woman reminded her, to which the MTV-er responded, “not for lack of trying.”

“I’m 19, why the f**k would I want to sleep with a 29-year-old?” asked the teen.

 “Same reason every other slut does,” Mackenzie snapped.

The young woman assured Mackenzie that she’s not into older men, and reminded her that she could do better than Ryan. Mackenzie then offered her cash to shut her up.

What’s it gonna cost for you to shut your damn mouth?” Mackenzie asked — but the woman allegedly informed her that she was “already getting paid.”

Ryan and Mackenzie caused a social media uproar after MTV aired Ryan driving the pair to their quickie wedding, high and nodding out. Ryan ran to rehab, but that didn’t stop these lovebirds from landing in yet another scandal.

Do you think Ryan and Mackenzie’s marriage will make it to next season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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