RECAP: Danielle Stalks Mohamed After Divorce; Anfisa Dumps Jorge On ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Finale

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Our 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After couples wrapped their season Sunday night — how did our favorites land?

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro swooped in and stole the show mid-season, but their finale was a tame one. Their Dominican wedding goes off without a hitch — and even the “bitchassslutasswhore” is moved to tears. Chantel’s parents gift Pedro’s grandmother with flowers to make-up for the van standoff, and she’s pleased by the gesture.

Pedro makes a handsome groom, and Chantel has the hot cleavage ceremony of her dreams.

Pedro and Chantel’s relationship is restored, and the families decide that they can tolerate each other, in the name of international love. Pedro’s financial support of his family is neither addressed nor settled. Real problem, or hyped TLC storyline? 

Danielle and Mohamed

The day of reckoning has arrived. Mohamed already spilled months ago that the legal hysteria ended in divorce, but TLC will not be denied the fake suspense. Danielle exits the final showdown, dramatically sobbing the unsurprising outcome to her faithful counselor, BethDanielle’s lawyer advised her to cut her losses and settle on a divorce, because an annulment was a long shot. Danielle couldn’t prove fraud, and hasn’t yet figured out that her contradictory behavior has killed her credibility. Mohamed exits the courthouse, live-streaming the drama for his fans, like a bonafide reality fame-whore. He insists that he documented every moment for “safety,” but Danielle is still pushing for another in-person rant. She chases down her ex, determined to scold him for making a joke out of her pain.

She moans and groans about Mohamed’s social media proclamation, and demands to see him one last time, for their final goodbye.

Danielle tells her kids about the judge’s decision, and reveals that she’s ready to tell Mohamed off, one last time. Her daughter thinks that the decision is stupid — as does America. Danielle confronts Mohamed in his hotel room to announce that she is DONE — again. Mohamed listens to her courtroom complaints, and secretly agrees that he doesn’t care about his wife “one ounce.” Mohamed threatens to call the cops if she doesn’t beat it, and she finally complies — while bellowing out more empty threats. Mohamed is ready to start over, and Danielle is thrilled that she left on “her own terms.” Danielle will never give up the fight, but thankfully, TLC will.

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa have been living apart, and Anfisa has finally agreed to meet up with her booted hubby. The two decide to meet in a parking lot to hash out their high drama relationship. Jorge wants Anfisa back, but doesn’t know if she will show up. The suspense is real, but Anfisa doesn’t disappoint, strutting out in a skimpy black dress — perfect for a  low-rent matrimonial funeral. Anfisa tells the camera that her problem has been Jorge’s lies and his ongoing refusal to defend her to his family. Jorge needs to own it, or say goodbye to his Russian honey.

Jorge tries to soften her up  with a tacky gift, but she shockingly turns him down flat. He apologizes, and blames the endless clashes on stress. Jorge apologizes again for whatever, and his vague remorse doesn’t fly.

Anfisa points out that Jorge sold her a bill of goods, and turned out to be a big fat fake. Anfisa calmly tells her husband so-long forever, and walks away. Anfisa is over it, and Jorge’s heart is crushed.

Buckle up — because the cast “Tell-All” is next week! 


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