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90 Day Fiance

RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Couples Get Familiar and Possible Catfish Enters The Mix!

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couples are getting to know each other, and a new fishy character enters the mix. Which couples will hit it off?

Darcey and Jesse

We kick things off with Jesse and Darcey, who are getting the party started in Amsterdam. Darcey is ecstatic, because Jesse is supermodel handsome, and she has a real shot at scoring a ring. Jesse blindfolds her before entering their balloon scattered love-nest — the decor offering a nice distraction from Darcey’s continuous stream of marriage quips. Jesse is immediately annoyed by her luggage demands, but is patient with her pushy comments. We later join the couple for a vigorous bike ride, which Darcey pretends to enjoy. They take off, and Jesse orders his jet-lagged houseguest to get the lead out, and quit acting middle-aged. Darcey does her best, until she loses control and almost hits an innocent bystander. Darcey wasn’t prepared for a bike drill, and is a bit surprised that Jesse is so energetically bossy.

Jesse declares that nothing says chaos like America, but secretly wonders if Darcey’s ricocheting demeanor is her normal energy. Darcey continues to beat Jesse senseless with engagement hints, even flaunting a mock-rock — bought to symbolize their long distance romance. Darcey loves wearing sparklers on her “love hand” — and just in case you missed it — hopes that Jesse will come through with the real deal. Darcey screams “PROPOSE” in Jesse’s face, but Jesse’s abs aren’t into quickie engagements. American couples crash and burn too often, and Darcey can barely bike a straight line. They agree that they need to get to know each other better, while Darcey points out the perfect wedding venue. The couple later heads out to dinner, and Darcey insists on wearing her escalator chewed stilettos — against Jesse’s direction. She can’t walk far, annoying Jesse — who continues to blather elementary cultural analysis. Darcey pushes him to make their heartbeats Facebook official, but Jesse declines. Darcey declares Jesse a mystery, but Darcey is desperately transparent. The episode ends with an awkward bedtime scene, complete with a pink robe, and makeup smeared pillowcases. Jesse prefers the natural look, making his faux-everything pick, quite a head-scratcher. 

Paul and Karine

We check in with hairball Paul, who is still sitting curbside, worried sick that his spammy girlfriend might not show. We meet Karine, 21, for the first time, and see where she lives. She chats with her mother about finally meeting her dream American, and admits that the language barrier could be a problem. She walks down to meet Paul with her sister, and the couple has an emotional first meeting. Karine smells perfect, and Paul is thrilled — but they can’t communicate their joy. Paul whips out his trusty app, and they text a few giggles. They ride back to Karine’s home in the back of a pickup, and Paul gets his first look at the primitive town. Paul and his luggage are set to meet Karine’s grumpy dad, and he is nervous. 

Cortney and Antonio

There’s a new couple on the block, an Orlando woman named Cortney, 26, and a mystery texter named Antonio. Cortney was unlucky in love, so she quit her job to travel the world, searching high and low for an uncorrupt love-culture. She trolled for men along the way, and linked up with Antonio, in Spain. Antonio is sweet, amazing, and great at giving compliments. Antonio has been dodging Skype-sessions, and the couple has not yet spoken on the phone. Nevertheless, their exciting passion is red-hot, and Cortney is ready to commit to his sexy photos. Cortney is going to Spain for three weeks, but her parents are concerned that Antonio is a fake. Cortney’s mom’s eye is about to explode with stress, but the duo’s Instagram/SnapChat connection will not be denied. Her parents are wide-eyed and nervous, and clearly know that their daughter is a naive ditz. Cortney says that she would be “devastated” if Antonio was a fish — because he has restored her faith in love via social media. Cortney shares her concerns, while her parents chant “danger” under their breaths — shooting the camera panicked looks. We later see Cortney with her pals, who titter and snicker over her friend’s faux dreamboat. The girls are concerned, but are hoping for the best. When asked about Cortney’s track record, the girls burst out laughing, clearly answering the question. Cortney has been catfished before, but believes that invisible Antonio is the real deal. One of the girls phone-stalks Antonio, and discovers some porny pics. The plot thickens.

Sean and Abby

We check in with Sean, who is arriving at Abby’s prepared love den, after arriving in Haiti. Sean is over the moon, but Abby appears less than enthused. Abby’s ex, Chris, is still in the picture, and Sean is suspicious. Sean hauled over $2.5k worth of clothing for Abby to hawk — and can’t wait to share his panty explosion. The undie-flood works, inviting  happy smiles from the Haitian hustler. Sean reveals that he has blown $12k on the uncertain romance. However, Sean knows that Abby’s worth it, because he feels inspired and her smooches are priceless. Abby is thrilled that Sean flew to Haiti to get to know her, and that she won’t have to sleep alone — not in that order. Sean professes his love, and Abby chokes out a response, squelching an involuntary cringe. Sean’s Caribbean goddess is the one, but until Abby spills the tea about shady Chris — Sean’s heart is not safe.

Next week, we meet another couple, Cortney leaves for Spain, and Paul demands an STD/pregnancy test from his Brazilian dream girl/whore. Don’t miss it!


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