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New #RHONJ Star Margaret Josephs’ History of Fraud and Theft EXPOSED! (Exclusive)

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Teresa Giudice’s criminal past will forever tarnish The Real Housewives of New Jersey — but it looks like there might be a new crook on the block.

Margaret Josephs will take a Season 8 spot on the cast — and the newbie has lots in common with the star of the show.   

According to court records obtained by AllAboutTheTea.com, Josephs, owner and founder of “MacBeth Collection,” has a history of pilfering products, logos, and ideas from other companies — and calling them her own.

Josephs believes in the “fake it til you make it” way of life — but this rookie Bravoleb has taken “fake,” to new heights.

The designer has been repeatedly caught stealing copyrighted/trademarked property and marketing it under her own moniker. Her company, described as, “a global lifestyle brand” touts a “true extension of the personal style and sensibility of its Founder and Designer, Margaret Josephs.” The brand is a mishmash of clothing and accessories, sold online.

MacBeth Collection LLC has been sued multiple times — busted for violating trademark/copyright law. MacBeth was ordered to pay $300k to Vineyard Vines for trademark infringement, after Vineyard Vine’s logo was lifted and plunked on MacBeth products. Margaret’s company was ordered to arrest sales of a lap-desk product after it was discovered that a patented design had been copied. The RHONJ newcomer’s business was accused of not only stealing a popular tote bag design — but of having the look knocked off and manufactured in Chinese sweatshops. The brand, Putu LLC, aka LOLO, eventually settled Margaret’s company, after losing customers, and thousands of dollars. Josephs was sued by IWorld LLC for swiping their goods, and was ordered to pay $497,880.14, in December 2015.

“An idea is anything you come up with,” explains Josephs in a promo vid. “The great way to come up with an idea is to have a new product, that nothing is like that on the market. If there’s an existing product on the market, improve upon it…”

“If there’s a product on the market, and you can’t improve upon it, make it cheaper than everybody else does…” Josephs advises.

It looks like Bravo has a type — and Teresa may have landed a new soul sister. What do you think about the shady RHONJ add?


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