RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Pedro and Chantel’s Wedding Hang In The Balance Amid Their Messy Family Feud!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is halfway over the shark — but how will it end for our not-so-happy favorite couples? 

Chantel and Pedro

We jump right back into the fight fallout between Chantel and Pedro’s mom and sis, as the episode takes off. Chantel alerts Pedro that she had just been labeled a hell-bound bitch, but Pedro’s sis denies calling her any such thing. A fresh screaming match ensues, and Pedro’s sis blames the mess on muddled communication.

Pedro sides with his family, before Pedro’s sis finally consents to a snarky apology. Pedro’s mom reminds Chantel that she’s welcome to vamoose anytime, without her son.

The couple’s meaningless wedding hangs in the balance — and no one is on the edge of their seat. Pedro’s sis is ready for anything, and is prepared to break out her American makeup for the occasion.

Pedro and Chantel bicker until she melts into an ugly cry. Pedro leaves the ball in her court, assuring his wife that he will be waiting for her (again) at the altar. Chantel later admits that her understanding of the verbal bloodbath was weak, but still blames her husband for not defending her comprehension issues.

Pedro dramatically slams out TLC cameras, but his mic hangs in there — relaying Pedro concluding that both families are stupid. He just wants a perfect faux wedding for his bride — but will they pull the pointless ceremony off?

Danielle and Mohamed 

We join Danielle, who is waking up with her kids in her new trailer. It’s the big day of the pretrial annulment hearing, and she’s worried about convincing a judge that Mohamed tricked her into a green card. Danielle doesn’t want to let her family down, and reiterates that her motives were rooted in a desperately legit pursuit of love. TLC rewinds their cringeworthy story, so viewers can remember the good times. Danielle gets ready to face her destiny, as Beth arrives to pep talk her into her scorned-bride battle. Danielle thinks/knows that she’s wasted the last three years, and swears that she wants Mohamed to choke on a one-way ticket back to Tunisia.

We jump over to Mohamed, who is ready to face his own judgement day. Mohamed can’t wait for his virtue to be validated, but knows that he has to carefully craft his words to sell his victim plight. Mohamed has decided to record every moment of the ordeal, to document Danielle’s upcoming hissy fit. Beth and Danielle arrive at the courthouse, as Mohamed rehearses, ticking off the reasons why his wife is the absolute worst. Danielle is worried, but can’t help but smile and chuckle at her hubby’s crazy tricks.

Mohamed says “action,” and begins to film his righteous entrance. They both hope to prove fraud — who will succeed?

Catch the next courtroom/wedding chapters next week — who will emerge victorious? 


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