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90 Day Fiance

RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Another Man Delays Sean and Abby’s Haitian Romance!

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is jetting viewers around the globe, to watch our love-starved couples meet face to face. TLC is ricochets us between Haiti and Amsterdam, before dumping us on a curb in Brazil — will the long journeys pay off in true love?   

Sean and Abby

We join Sean mid-flight, on his way to meet his Haitian princess, Abby. Sean daydreams of their first grope, as TLC cameras catch up with Abby, 20, in her family home. We see her room, in the home where she lives with her parents and three brothers. Abby admits that life in Haiti is tough, and a new start with a fatherly American is looking pretty good. Her mother is worried about Sean being a shady customer, but is evidently cool with Abby’s rented love nest, prepared for the duration of Sean’s stay. Abby reveals that there’s another oldie in the picture — her ex, Chris. Chris is American, 64 years old, and not interested in marrying a post-teen. Abby dreams of a better life — and hopes that hooking up with Sean will be her ticket out of there. Her friends gather for a pre-meeting giggle-fest, and share that they don’t blame Sean for acting skittish about Chris. Chris and Abby are “just friends,” but Sean isn’t sure, so he’s summoned him to Haiti for a duel. Abby just hopes that she won’t have to choose between her two senior lovers.

Sean and Abby meet in the airport, and their long anticipated embrace is cringeworthy. Their connection is dubbed “magical” and the couple is ecstatic. They share an icky cab ride, where they swap love quips and anticipate their first sweaty roll in the hay. Sean can’t get over the poverty, but Abby cuts to the chase, wasting no time hinting at a proposal. Abby assures him that Chris is not a concern, but Sean isn’t sold. Abby stumbles over a personal interview spot, and Chris’ significance immediately skyrockets. The plot thickens.


Darcey and Jesse

Darcey is Amsterdam bound, and is excited to meet her dream-hunk, for the first time, Darcey lands, and immediately hits the makeup store to pull off looking ten years younger. Darcey can’t wait to throw herself at Jesse’s ripped abs, but has a clunky start when her stiletto gets stuck in the escalator. The spectacle  is beyond embarrassing — but she recovers, schlepping her luggage closer to Jesse’s awaiting pecs. Darcey’s heart is wide open — and hopes that Jesse is hot for middle-aged divorcees. We meet Jesse and his reflection for the first time, and see them work as a personal trainer. TLC informs us that Jesse is considered stunningly handsome, a fact that Jesse confirms. Jesse shares that he saw Darcey’s pics and was immediately blown away by her photo-shopped beauty.

We get a personal tour of Jesse’s prepared living space, as Jesse frets about the prospect of incompatible pheromones. Jesse has stocked up on TP and has cleared a choice spot for Darcey’s panties, so he has all bases covered. We later meet a few of Jesse’s friends, who raise eyebrows at Darcey’s age. Jesse shows off the shady pics, and his friends advise him to wake up. Jesse knows that Darcey is ring-hungry, but is trying to keep his relationship expectations in check. His friends just hope that Darcey isn’t knocked up by the end of the six weeks. Jesse finally greets Darcey, holding a sign bearing his own image — the pair evidently an inseparable duo. Jesse and Darcey are both thrilled — and spend their first moments together, sizing up each other’s beauty.


Paul and Karine

We catch up with a nervous Paul, as he lands in the Amazon basin to meet his Brazilian bridal candidate. He stumbles off the plane, as TLC rewinds Karine’s spammy photo series. Paul hauls off his anxiety-laced luggage, and manages to drag the hoard out of the airport. He makes his way to the dock, while dodging sinister looking mosquitoes. His bags/trunks are inspected, and a drug dog nails him for being a crazy over-packer, with a cough. Paul gets over his panic, but is worried about being in a foreign land, all alone. He checks into his cabin, hides under a tent of mosquito netting, and settles in for a two day journey. Paul finally arrives in Karine’s hometown, making mention of bad relationships, and a “secret” from his past. He drags his load up to a curb, while TLC drowns us in more repetitive, high-strung babble. Karine is late, and Paul begins to clench — wondering if he had been stood up by a fantasy. Did he fall for a spam-fish? Paul handsanitizes his worries away, just as TLC cuts the scene.

Next week, we meet a new couple, Abby tosses her panties, and Paul’s anxiety gets acclimated to Brazil. Don’t miss it!


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