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#RHOC Lydia McLaughlin Calls Out Meghan Edmonds’ Social Media Shade & Hypocritical Behavior!

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Lydia McLaughlin’s Real Housewives of Orange County costars have not all welcomed the returning Christian diva with open arms!

Among Lydia’s castmates creating drama with the mom of two is Meghan Edmonds. And although Meghan has a newborn to care for, she’s been busy slamming Lydia on social media and in her blogs. Meghan attacked Lydia’s integrity in her July 25th Bravo blog. She wrote:

“I’m actually really interested to hear everyone’s sides on how that night played out… Why did Lydia act surprised when Kelly walked in? She invited her! Why did Kelly say she had no idea that they’d be there? Lydia told her the exact restaurant they’d be at! Why did Lydia follow Shannon and Kelly to the bathroom? Part of me thinks that nothing would have exploded and turned in to what it did, had she not been in there. Also, why did Shannon immediately bring up her weight to Kelly? You haven’t seen each other in six months (and are not friendly with each other), and the first thing you decide to bring up is your weight gain? Then Lydia decided it would be a good time to pray for Shannon? So weird! Kelly had to be so drunk, right? The faces in the window at the end of the night – she’s TOO much! I guess on a positive note, Lydia and Shannon were able to make up and potentially become friends now?”

As well as on social media.

Lydia has taken to her Bravo blog to address Meghan’s shade and she points out her hypocritical behavior.

“I was sad to read in her past blogs and social media that she was putting me down for bringing up Vicki to Shannon. That is exactly what she is doing at Peggy’s event to Vicki, and I think at the heart of the issue, is that her intention is good.

Lydia also reminds Meghan (and the other ladies) that Vicki has repeatedly extended olive branches to all her costars.

“I liked seeing the flashbacks of all the times Vicki has apologized, and I have hope that these friendships can be restored.”

But the Christian in Lydia prevails and she rises above Meghan’s childish digs by complimenting the new mom.

“I think Meghan and I are similar in the way that we like to talk things through and have a healthy view of conflict and resolution.”


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