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Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom Patti EXPOSES #KendraOnTop As A ‘Fake’ Show In Heated Rant!

The sixth season of Kendra on Top is currently airing and the onscreen tension between Kendra Wilkinson and her mom Patti has spilled over to social media!

As readers know, the former Playboy bunny and her mother have a rocky relationship over Patti’s upcoming tell-all book that would spill all of her daughter’s secrets.

On Kendra’s show — she’s been very vocal about her feelings about the book — so Patti took to Twitter to slam her daughter’s show calling it, “fake.” 

“Amazes me how people watch reality tv shows & think it’s all real & true. Smh c’mon people!” Patti shared on Twitter. A fan challenged her diss and she immediately clarified her comment. “Well when your own daughter tells lies about you for ratings I guess I am.”

Patti did not stop there, she moved her rant over to Facebook where she further exposed her daughter’s WE tv hit show.

“Her producer called me several months ago and knew I wouldn’t pick up so he recorded my message I am sure.” she explained. “[It’s] all set up! Every day I get more disgusted.” 

In 2014, Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett, had an affair with a transgender prostitute while his wife was eight months pregnant. The couple underwent therapy and reconciled but Kendra’s mother never fully forgave Hank. Since Patti announced that she intended on writing her exposé, Kendra has voiced her concern that resurfacing Baskett’s 2014 affair would be traumatic for the couple. 

Don’t miss the drama unfold on Kendra On Top — Fridays at 9:00 p.m. ET on WE tv.


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