#RHONY Finale Recap: Luann Is Happy Everyone Accepted Her Marriage Just Before Filing For Divorce!

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It’s time to wave goodbye to The Real Housewives of New York — and the last chapter begins in Carole’s place, where Bethenny has dropped in for a visit. Bethenny swelters in cat fumes, while jabbering about her ginormous new apartment. The pair reminisces about the most Bravo-fab trip ever executed or sponsored by any Housewife. Bravo rewinds a few of the Mexican memories, while Bethenny basks in her self-proclaimed success. They marvel over Tinsley scoring love with Scott, and wonder who will get lucky at Sonja’s place next.

We abruptly shifts gears, and in a likely last minute edit, Bravo plops viewers on a tennis court with the doomed Tom and Luann. The “honeymoon phase” scene is sad, especially when Luann elaborates on her overflowing heart, and spectacularly successful marriage. Tom tries to cheat — surprising no one. Luann is happy that everyone is finally accepting their relationship — just in time for their divorce.

We skip over to Sonja, who is busy shifting her furniture into a sexier formation. Sonja is happy that her french lover is home, and is clearly desperate to hang onto her dodgy dreamboat. Ramona stops over for a visit, and invites herself for a stay in Sonja’s guest room, hoping that the doll dust will bring luck to her love life. We hear that Tinsley has moved out, just in time to end the season in her own place. Ramona is thrilled to be back in Bethenny’s good graces, and is happy that the cast is living in harmony. Tinsley is throwing Sonja a girl-bye party, but Sonja questions her motives, and is still a bit deaf from her drunken screaming in Mexico. Ramona thinks that Tinsley is a selfish T-I, and Sonja doubts that Tinsley can even pull off the event.

Bethenny is hanging out in her new pad with a date, a cute, albeit toothless hockey player. Dorinda stops in the check out both, and is immediately mesmerized by the disappearing tooth gap. The ladies check out his extra-firm buttocks, before Bethenny launches her tour. Bethenny loves renovation, and plans to make the warehouse a spectacular home. We next get a looksie at Tinsley’s hotel apartment, just in time to overhear a few party details. Tinsley wants Sonja to feel her pissed-off, though sincere gratitude, so everything needs to be perfect. Carole arrives to check out the space, and deliver a re-gifted candle. They talk about Tinsley and Sonja’s bruised friendship, and how Sonja might not understand that the eff-off part was only a little true. We shift over to Dorinda’s place, where she is greeting John after a hard day’s work. Dorinda is happy that her daughter has vamoosed, and that she can entertain a man in peace. John gifts Dorinda with a ghostly gown, knocked off from Beyonce’s closet. Dorinda cringes at the bridal vibe, and most definitely does not want John to put a ring on it. Dorinda loves John, but loves freedom more. He has accomplished buying off Hannah’s love with free dry cleaning, which is a plus. 

Back in Carole’s neighborhood, Baby is inviting squeals of affirmation, by peeing on the sidewalk. Carole and Adam stroll along, as Carole crows about her domestic breakaway from the herb thrower. Carole and Adam’s relationship is better, but Carole feels her “most authentic” alone, in her cat sauna. Back at Hotel Tinsley, the hostess is getting primped while worrying about the curl-comeback party. Meanwhile, Sonja and Edgar are busy sorting underwear, and preparing for a low budget trip to Paris. Sonja has Rocco in the wings, but hopes that Edgar will emerge the winner. Scott coaches Tinsley off the societal ledge via a phone call — and the couple is already swapping “I love yous.” Sonja has some serious snuggling to do — so she might just pass on Tinsley’s duplicitous to-do. Tinsley arrives at the venue and everything is perfect — trimmed in Tinsley’s favorite color. The guests begin to arrive, and Scott thanks Carole, who is decked out in MC Hammer bottoms, for the love connection.

Dorinda arrives, rocking her last mini fur of the season. Tinsley and Carole discuss Sonja’s absence, and Dorinda weighs in, wondering why Tinsley would knock herself out for such an ungrateful backstabber. Tinsley introduces Scott, and Dorinda begins planning their wedding. Ramona makes her appearance, chattering to two tagalongs about Tinsley’s shady hostess maneuvers. Ramona spills that Sonja received Tinsley’s eff-off loud and clear, and that the bash is interrupting her cuddle time. Tinsley begins to panic as Bethenny arrives, while Ramona nags Sonja over the phone to get her butt over there.

Tinsley’s lookalike sis pops onto the scene, and Tom-whore, Missy, appears. Sonja finally shows, but knows that the party is really for Tinsley’s big city cred. Sonja is peeved, but perks up when she sees the booze. Sonja is impressed that the cake doesn’t have the F-word, but shades the liquor. Good time Harry takes a finale bow. Ramona meets Scott, and is impressed. She comes clean, admitting to Bethenny that she’s lonely, and that life feels weird single. She finally shows a real moment of vulnerability, and Bethenny encourages her to keep the faith. Ramona doesn’t want to “date to date,” and delivers an honest segment — on the very last episode.

Tom and Missy exchange sketchy murmurs, insinuating that they miss each other. The flirt-fest goes on with Luann singing the praises of married life in the foreground — their relationship in a Bravo nutshell.

In another corner, Sonja worries that Edgar might never return and make her his bride. Bethenny and Sonja bitch about Tinsley’s show-off shindig, and Bethenny gives Sonja top marks for not exposing Tinsley as a raging drunk. Luann’s son makes an appearance, and it’s nice to see her light up  with a man who truly loves her.  Tinsley throws her critics for a loop when she offers a sincere toast, and a kind thank you to her high-maintenance landlady. A generous gift card erases the bad times, and Tinsley tops it off by presenting a stunning photo of herself, elbowing Sonja out of the frame.

The classic cast wrap-up reveals that Tinsley and Scott are still an item, and Carole is planning to gallop in the NYC marathon. Bethenny’s real estate adventures are at a standstill, and Dorinda has made friends with her mirror. Luann loves love, but not dirty hounds like Tom. Ramona is lost but kinda likes her contractor, and Sonja remains torn between two lovers.

We are reunion bound! Buckle up!


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