RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Chantel and Pedro’s Situation Worsens Amid Explosive Family Feud!

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Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa get a recap demotion this week — because there’s only a whole lot of nothing to report. The couple is edging closer to reconnection — because Anfisa is going broke shooting botox into her mug, and Jorge is spending his days plotting his flunky comeback. Anfisa reveals that she was a virgin until she scored Jorge — shocking her friend — who was clearly under the impression that her TV pal was a slutty pro.

Jorge decides that a gaudy bracelet might unlock Anfisa’s knees — so we shall see if the love-cuff works, next week. On a side note, Jorge’s friend, Ramone, has been officially promoted to Jorge’s life coach.


Danielle and Mohamed

Mohamed is in Ohio for the annulment hearing, and Wal-Mart Tom meets up with his old pal to dish about his crazy wife. Mohamed knows that Danielle has been listening to all the wrong people, and talking to anyone who will tolerate her high-volume rants. Mohamed hopes to stay in the U.S., but remains dramatically worried about social media threats. Tom pushes him to stick to the facts, and promises that he will remain his faithful and forever Ohio friend. Mohamed prepares to fight, as Danielle keeps herself busy, sorting through her sluggish emotions.

Danielle messages Mohamed to keep things civil, but we know that Danielle is the one who really cranks up the scorned hysteria. She pinky swears that she’s committed to getting Mohamed’s ass kicked out, and sent back to Tunisia. No one believes her.


Chantel and Pedro

Things continue to crash for the comeback couple of the series. The meaningless wedding is still on, despite the fact that the families despise each other. Pedro and Chantel try to talk through their family culture clash, but all the “baby, babys” in the world won’t fix this mess.

Chantel’s family believes that Pedro’s kin are backwoods users, but Pedro’s family thinks that if Chantel doesn’t like it, she should divorce their beloved boy and get lost. Their amused smirks reveal that they aren’t really worried about the American cash drying up.

A scene between Chantel and Pedro’s amused mother and sister steals the episode — a nasty sit-down punctuated by Chantel spitting out a dramatic “bitchassslutasswhore!!” Needless to say, Chantel’s effort to “smooth things over” with her mother/sister in law does  not pan out.

Stay tuned — there are more couples to meet, and storylines to settle. The fun has just begun!


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