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#RHOA Kenya Moore’s Marriage To Marc Daly Is Reportedly Fake! (Video)

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Kenya Moore is in the honeymoon phase with her new hubby — but is her wife-life the real thing? Viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are asking the same question, and many fans wonder if the reality diva could be pulling a fast one.   

A recently revealed blind item post on Crazy Days and Nights claims that Kenya allegedly struck a deal with her new husband, Marc Daly, to make bank off a faux marriage. The couple supposedly wed in June, in a secret beach ceremony, in St. Lucia. There is no documentation of the lovebirds’ nuptials filed anywhere in the U.S.

“This Housewife is known for her fake relationships,” the piece says. “Her latest is no different. She just managed to convince him they would make a ton of money if they pretended to be married. Nothing is on paper anywhere in the U.S..”

Reportedly, the couple has been fighting over just how much of their hitched happiness to share with the Bravo audience. Marc says zero — but fans know that Kenya would love to twirl across the Bravo stage as a blushing newlywed.

The Shade Room got exclusive video of Kenya and her husband Marc spotted out recently. 

has had other romances that an c viewers have blasted as fake — the beauty queen accused of recruiting men to play her devoted reality lovers. Is Marc just another hot hire — or the real legal deal? The mystery lives — but the next season of RHOA promises to be an interesting one. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently filming. 


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