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#KendraOnTop Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom Buys New BMW With $10K Tell-All Book Advance Money! (Video)

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Kendra Wilkinson declared war on her mother this season of Kendra On Top!

As readers know, the former Playboy bunny and her mother, Patti Wilkinson, have a rocky relationship over her mother writing a tell-all book — to spill all of her daughter’s secrets.

On Friday’s all-new episode of Kendra on Top, Patti’s book publisher, Judith, encourages Patti to think about herself. And Patti buys herself a brand new BMW with the advance payment of $10,000 she received in exchange for one chapter of her book.

Kendra had previously given her mom an ultimatum — write your memoir and you won’t see your grandkids.

“There’s no coming back,” the former Girls Next Door star said. “You have a chance to have a real life. You have a chance to have your grandkids back. You have a chance to have a real family.”

But Patti could care less and decided to move forward with her book plans — even completing the first chapter and working on chapter two.

“Now that I’m actually starting to write it, now it’s kind of like, ‘Hmm, maybe this is something that can be done,’” she says to the cameras.

Watch the snippet above and don’t miss new episodes of Kendra On Top Fridays at 10:00 p.m. ET


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