EXCLUSIVE Blind Item: He’s Cheating and This Reality Wife Has NO Clue! (SOLVED)

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blind item solved

When AllAboutTheTea.com reported that a reality husband was sliding into home with another woman, we didn’t know that it would be his wife sharing the tea with her Bravo audience.

In November 2016, AllAboutTheTea.com published a blind item about a reality husband who was allegedly embroiled in an affair that went on for over a year and a half.

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Reality Show:
Real Housewives of Orange County

Reality Couple: Jim and Meghan Edmonds

A source close to OC happenings told AllAboutTheTea.com that the mistress lives in a different city — allowing Jim Edmonds to split his time between devoted dad, and confident cheater. Supposedly, the other woman travels with Jim, and his crew has been supposedly ordered to keep the affair hush-hush.

His wife, Meghan King Edmonds, is believed to be clueless about Jim’s other life — and blames the emotional distance during her pregnancy on a busy work schedule.

Kelly Dodd cracked Jim’s secret during the off-season — but Meghan refused to face the truth.


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