#ShahsofSunset Recap: Reza’s ‘Peace in The Middle East’ Party Causes Tension in the Group!

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Welcome back to this week’s episode of Shahs of Sunset. We begin with Reza and Mike who are hungover after partying all night at Shervin’s Malibu rental when they meet for breakfast. The two discuss Shabbat and how Mike was kept in line and isn’t a nutcase because of this Jewish tradition. Reza has also been feeling “Jewishy” lately and would like to plan a group trip to Israel.

The cat drags in MJ who is totally hurting from a night of drinking. Keep those sun glasses on, hun. They ask MJ her thoughts on the group trip to Israel and she says, No way, no how, with her dad in his condition. But then MJ says she’s schlepped her body around so much lately, why not plan a trip to Israel so she can schlep it around some more.

Elsewhere, Asa is viewing a commercial property for her clothing boutique. Her parents and brother are with her and freaking over the $10K price tag. But that’s nothing. In comes “Mona” the landlord who looks like he stopped by to say Hey y’all! right before going on “Let’s Make a Deal.” He flashes his tit to show Asa and her family his eyelash nipple, isn’t that special? Asa burns sage to bless the space, the permit committee, and Mona.

Up next is GG and her mom who are checking out her runway outfit for a fashion show. Did you know GG has never had a job until now? She puts on the silver sparkly romper shorts and gives her best mean girl/everyday look as she stomps down the hallway. The designer tells GG not to look down, not to walk on the side of the runway, and not to fall (or trip). This will ruin his show. GG nearly backs out when she learns that 1,000 people will be there and over 100 cameras. Oy vey!

Reza is at a prop shop for his Halloween party. The theme is Peace in the Middle East, and both Jews and Muslims will be celebrated. Reza gives the rundown on who is what – Muslims: Shervin, GG, MJ, Asa. Jews: Mike is all by himself, and Reza is what I put in my coffee, half and half. Destiney drops by and calls Reza “lover” but the only point for her being there is so Reza can invite her to Israel.

Onto MJ and Tommy who are dining out together. These two aren’t even married yet but already seem bored with each other – so MJ has a great idea on how to liven things up. Why not have a baby? Right now! Tommy reminds MJ that she would need to cut back on drinking. Yeah, mom of the year, you do that. Let’s face it, MJ ain’t getting any younger. Plus, Asa is living her life. Tommy and MJ plan to stop on the way home and pick up some ovulation sticks. So romantic, these two.

It’s time for the fashion show and GG readily accepts a glass of champagne. I thought we all agreed this girl can’t handle her alcohol? Shervin stops by to see the naked models and GG looking like a raccoon. Just then, model Janice Dickenson walks by in the outfit GG is supposed to wear. Ruh-roh! Reza and Adam are dying in anticipation of this epic bitch smack down. The designer is like, Oh crap, GG, let me get you something “better” to wear, because he’s afraid of Janice Dickenson. GG tells him to, “Find the old ass bitch something else to wear.” Girl fight, girl fight.

A new outfit has been selected for GG and she will now be wearing a shiny, silver boxing robe. Now that there will be no fight, the gay men are ready to discuss the Israel trip, but the straight man just wants to stare at the naked models. Shervin is not interested in going to Israel because it might stop him from making money. Reza has no idea what Shervin is talking about because bouncing boobs don’t entertain him or make him talk nonsense. GG suggests Tahiti. Reza says that gay people are accepted in Israel so eff Iran. Ruh-roh! Those are bombing words. What about peace in the Middle East, dude?

Here comes GG sashaying down the runway to close the show, but the klutz nearly busts her ass when she steps on her robe. Guess who didn’t almost bust her ass? The old ass bitch, Janice Dickenson. GG says this is her last runway show. And probably her last job.

Later that week, Asa and GG meet up at a pumpkin patch, but Asa is confused as to which holiday gets the pumpkin. Thanksgiving, right? Shervin stops by to help them pick out the perfect pumpkin because it’s so difficult. They discuss the Israel trip. Shervin doesn’t want to go someplace he doesn’t feel safe. GG says if she goes anywhere it should be Iran. Then she makes a crass remark about opening up her legs to a Jew so maybe it’s time to open up the rest of herself to the Jews. I’m pretty sure the Jews are saying, No thanks!

Over at MJ’s place she makes Tommy pinky swear he won’t jerk off now that they are trying to have a baby. Save the sperm! MJ says if they get pregnant they must get married so their baby isn’t born a bastard. They read the instructions about the ovulation sticks and become very confused. Come one people, it’s not like building a bomb. Pee on the stick. It’s a negative for ovulation so no sex for Tommy and a cocktail for MJ.

GG is moving to get rid of the toxic energy from her apartment that made her crazy and this way she doesn’t have to accept accountability. Shervin and Annalise stop by to help, but when they see that GG needs to sign up for the show Hoarders, they just stare at the mess. Mike stops by to oversee the packing with his newly purchased moving company. Mike has no idea what he’s doing, but what he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in money. Mike is excited to go to Israel, GG and Shervin, not so much.

Hey, have you heard the one about two Jews who walk into a bar? The two Jews are gay and look like Amish rabbis. The drinks being served by Reza and Adam are the Palastini and the Hava Nagilarita. GG arrives in a burka and dark shades. Mike is “Moses.” Asa is a disappointment. Shervin in a Muslim pimp from the 70’s. And MJ is a well-rounded skeleton.

GG says she doesn’t want to go to Israel because Israel says they are okay with bombing Iran. Which leads to a fight so there is no peace in the Middle East. Mike says Israel only wants to bomb Iran because Iran wants to nuke Israel. GG whips off her burka and says there are no weapons of mass destruction, so there. Reza apologizes for saying eff Iran. He explains that he loves Iran the country but hates the Iran the government. Got it. There’s a lot of that going around right now, but the good news is, GG is back on for the Israel trip!

Tune in next time when the group gets detained in Israel.


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