Romain Zago Testifies Joanna Krupa’s Vagina Smells ‘Better Than Any Other Woman In The World’

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In case you’ve been wondering — Joanna Krupa’s vagina smells “better than any other woman in the world!”

Her soon-to-be ex husband, Romain Zago, clarified the malodorous rumors on July 14 in his wife’s fishy vagina lawsuit against Brandi Glanville

Romain was deposed in the infamous case and told Glanville’s lawyers.

“If you want to know the answer to this stupid comments from your client, (Joanna’s) vagina smells amazing. And I swear on God, Jesus, my father, my brothers.”

Reportedly, he replied “Better than any other woman in the world,” when questioned did her private area smell better than other women.

Zago went on to blame Glanville for damaging his marriage and called her a bully.

On July 10, the former Real Housewives of Miami star filed for divorce from Zago — then four days later he was deposed in the legal battle.

Joanna’s ex is not the only famous person to testify in the case. Documents were filed with a list of witnesses and it reads like a Bravo reunion — Lisa VanderpumpMohamed HadidAndy Cohen — sprinkled with a couple other characters —  Mark Consuelos and Howard Stern. 

Joanna was caught off-guard when her longtime love asked for a divorce in December after fours years of marriage.

“I spent many nights crying.” She told In Touch. “It was the worst Christmas imaginable. I felt like my life had been turned upside down, and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cried. I couldn’t eat. I probably lost about 7 pounds.”

Romain decided to end their marriage because he wanted children.

“I was heartbroken. He had wanted a family, but I was always traveling and made work my priority. As time has gone on, I’ve realized we were both unhappy,” Joanna told the tabloid.

But, she and her ex are on ‘great terms’ and talk every day, the model explained, adding she’s doing much better now that significant time has passed.

“I feel alive again. I finally woke up one day thinking, “I’ve got to get myself together.” I had been dead inside. I realized I’m healthy, I’m successful, I have an amazing family and friends, what am I crying about? Life is too short,” she said. 


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