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‘Fat Shamer!’ #RHOC Fatties Attack Shannon Beador’s Trainer Amid Her Obese Weight Gain!

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Shannon Beador has packed it on — but her holistic trainer, Tim Ramirez, is taking the heat. Shannon bared all to “Dr. Tim” on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County — and the pro’s response  triggered red-hot fan backlash. Ramirez didn’t sugarcoat Shannon’s hefty weight gain — and many viewers believed that his reaction crossed the line.

Let’s cut to the chase about the man Shannon trusts as her weight loss boss — the guy behind all those “wows.”

  • Dr. Tim” is not a medical doctor — but a Board Certified Chiropractic Examiner. His mantra is “NO EXCUSES – ONLY SUCCESS!” Ramirez claims to be the founder of a plethora of fruity cleanses, including the RHOBH Yolanda-famous lemon cleanse diet.
  • Ramirez appears to enjoy the Bravo spotlight.





  • Ramirez was set to do a Facebook workout series with Shannon, beginning last November. Shannon hyped the fitness program to her followers, only to cut and run, offering no explanation for months.
  • Ramirez is being slammed on social media for being rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, demeaning, insensitive, harsh, and cruel in his disappointed reaction to Shannon’s ballooning weight. He’s been called a fat-shamer, a jerk, an asshole, a d*ck, a douche…the list goes on and on.
  • Despite those “wows” — Shannon considers Ramirez a pal, and an “amazing cheerleader.”

“…he [Ramirez] is nothing but the most positive influence and a huge support on my journey to better health. We have been good friends for the last five years and have the type of relationship where he can say “wow” when I expose my weight gain,” Shannon wrote, in her Bravo blog.

Fans might have a problem with Ramirez — but Shannon does not. Ramirez was “stating the truth,” Shannon noted, adding that the truth is the most effective motivator.

Do you think that Ramirez deserves the social media whipping?

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