Yolanda Hadid Reveals Frog Venom Treatments, Slams #RHOBH Costars & Says David Foster Told Her ‘Your Sick Card Is Up’ Before Divorcing!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans were dragged on Yolanda Hadid’s “journey” with Lyme disease for two seasons — only to abruptly hear of a healthy woman, who was cured overnight.

After exiting the Bravo reality series in season six, Yolanda’s lyme disease advocacy quieted down considerably and she resumed her modeling career and wrote a book. Now the divorcee has jumped back on the Lyme-bus — blasting her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars and ex husband, David Foster.

The “Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease,” author feared something was growing in her brain. In her new memoir, she wrote:

“Too many nights I found myself lying naked on the bathroom floor, the only relief being the cold tiles on my bare skin, wondering how much more pain I could take and how many more days, months, and years I could suffer.” reports the Daily Mail UK. ‘There were plenty of times when I thought that I wouldn’t make it through the night alive, and others where I wished and prayed that I would die.”

The mom of three joined RHOBH in season three and claims she started having symptoms prior to joining the show. 

“My fatigue is so severe that it’s hard to walk from my bed to the bathroom. My migraines are unbearable, and I now have explainable night sweats and fever.”

The 53-year-old faced immense skepticism in season six, when her co-stars debated Yolanda’s battle with Lyme disease. 

“Without cameras rolling, I clearly feel the lack of compassion of this group of women — although it may seem more glamorous and interesting, is no different from a job at a bank.”

After being excessively absent from filming scenes, the ladies speculated whether she was actually suffering from an illness or it was in her head.

“I kind of expected the women to have my back while filming in the same way I’ve protected them throughout difficult times in their personal lives on the show.”

Yolanda claims to know scandalous things that could ‘discredit,’ her former RHOBH co-stars.

“I have a lot of factual information in the vault that could discredit them and their lives, but I’ve chosen to work with integrity and point out their strengths instead of their weaknesses.”

In addition to her RHOBH co-stars doubting her sickly tales, Yolanda’s ex David, told her ‘Your sick card is up,’ before moving out and filing for divorce. Viewers witnessed cracks begin in their marriage.

Although many doubted the former reality star, she was determined to find a cure for Lyme disease.

“F*** you all. I’m going to find a cure for this disease and nothing and nobody is going to stop me. I will not allow anyone to shut me up or shame me into silence, and I’m not going to rot away behind closed doors”

In her attempt to find a cure, Hadid turned to alternative forms of medicine — her treatments included:

  • Holistic health practitioner who used a high frequency healing device out of his garage in Malibu
  • An Australian doctor practicing in Mexico gave her intramuscular injections of holistic remedies
  • Stem cell treatment in Korea
  • Ozone therapy
  • Hyperbaric chamber, colonics, coffee enemas, Epsom salt baths, lymphatic drainage massage.
  • She visited a shaman in Peru who used a hot stick to burn holes on the inside of her ankles into which he pasted frog venom
  • TVAM surgery (a procedure where a catheter is threaded up through the groin into the jugular vein and both sides of the carotid artery in order to stretch them out)

Yolanda’s medicine closet in her home

Yolanda with her Lyme treatment board & medical binder (one of many)

The Dutch native vows to find a cure for Lyme that is affordable for all but her “journey” seems polluted by hypocritical detours — some would say that her fantasy destination, doesn’t exist.


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