RECAP: #ShahsofSunset GG and Reza Kiss & Make Up!

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So much to discuss! This week’s episode of Shahs of Sunset has celebration and forgiveness, sadness and ridiculousness that we’ve come to expect from this group. We begin at Asa’s house as she hops on a blowup swan that is as big as her stomach pool. GG stops by and tells Asa she looks skinny – an obvious sign that GG is out of the loop – and dumps her off the swan. That’ll teach a bitch to look skinny. When Asa gets out of the pool, her caftan is clinging to her tummy and it’s obvious she’s pregnant. GG wants the details, but only the unpleasant ones like, is Asa having any bad symptoms? Is she constipated? Is she glowing because she has what MJ wants? Asa tells GG to stop blaming others for her drama. They scream kumbaya and all is well.

MJ stops by Mike’s house with croissants the morning after his house party. Apparently three years ago this was a big problem between these two, but the chocolate is now under the bridge. As they dine, the two pass judgment on Asa for having a baby out of wedlock. Mike is especially concerned about this Persian culture taboo. MJ shames Asa and Jermaine for not even living together first. I mean why not break another taboo while you’re at it.

Up next, Reza is celebrating that he’s not a “hoe no mo.” He and Adam have made it one whole year and the gang is traveling by limo bus to a wildlife park. Long story short – since Adam didn’t get to see the tigers in Thailand, Reza wants him to see them in captivity. It’s like rubbing salt in his tiger wound. MJ’s boyfriend Tommy is not going because he likes the Mets more than her friends. Smart guy. Adam has baby fever and the monkeys are spitting crazy for Mike. Let’s eat! Except Asa. She will only feed the baby within her the purest of foods. They give her a bowl of grass.

Over dinner, Shervin and Annalise announce they are now exclusive, though the gang is dubious because Shervin is a man-whore. Reza tells Shervin his risk is minimal while Annalise, who lives in Australia, has the most risk. Duh, ya think? Asa wants to know who’s going to have a baby next. Adam says, Pick me, pick me. MJ hangs her head because she knows it won’t be her. In his talking head interview, Reza says he wants a trophy for “his whorish ass not cheating” during his first year of marriage. And guess where Reza needs to shove that trophy?

MJ has a terrible idea. She wants to go around the table and have an open question session. Adam asks Asa if she’s going to eat her placenta. What kind of question is that? Of course Asa will. And then she’ll chase it with her diamond water. Onto another question, who will get married next? It’s between MJ and Asa. MJ asks Asa if Jermaine has proposed. Asa says, no, but it’s cool because they practically live together. He has his own place and she has her own place, but like they practically live together and will like practically raise the baby together.

This Q & A session turns into MJ conducting rapid fire questions at Asa. Where will your parents live? Why don’t you have a ring? Why don’t you know if you even want to be married? Asa calmly says all that matters is love.

Mike is fed up so he plays the race card. He says it’s a big deal in their culture that the baby daddy is black. I’m sorry Mike, but you need to state your racist opinions in the form of a question. You are disqualified. MJ then accuses Asa of dancing around the issues while not admitting what she really wants. Hello – she’s dating a Jackson (for seven years). Dancing is what they do.

Later in the week, GG meets Adam for coffee. This is her first step back into Reza’s good graces. Adam tells GG he doesn’t recall ever getting an apology for her mauling his neck. GG reads the somewhat sincere apology text she sent and Adam explains he blocked her. GG apologizes again and says she lied about seeing Reza’s sex video, but thanks to screaming meditation, GG has grown and learned from her mistakes. Adam accepts GG’s apology, but explains their friendship will not progress because he is married to her arch enemy.

Back at the condo, Adam tells Reza about the apology. Adam wants to give GG a second chance and he wants Reza to “suck out the negativity” like you would snake bite venom. Reza explains that GG has never apologized to him, so there, he doesn’t have to accept a damn thing. Reza says he doesn’t want GG in his life, but we know this fight over who’s prettiest won’t last forever.

Up next, Reza stops by MJ’s still messy condo. They are going to a party Shervin is throwing at a beach house in Malibu. This will be the first time Reza crosses paths with GG. MJ receives a phone call from the hospital rehab her father is at about his stroke recovery. MJ wants to pop in and see her father before that party, but first needs to fix her mess of a mop hair. Reza decides to clean her place while he waits because if he can’t fix MJ the least he can do is put her dirty dishes away.

They stop by the hospital and it’s uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie, but it’s real. And it’s sad. Her dad can’t speak. Seeing MJ’s dad in this condition causes Reza to breakdown and leave the room temporarily. MJ tells her dad she loves him and will be back after she parties like a rock star. In the car, Reza discusses how blown away he is over MJ’s dad’s condition, but MJ says that just yesterday her dad looked like Roger Moore. And as soon as James Bond is feeling better she wants to take him to Vegas. Denial is a crazy river.

The Malibu house is dope, but where’s the beach? This is more of a canyon house with a boss pool. Shervin jumps from the second floor balcony into the water, and the guests slowly trickle in, but Reza can’t stop talking about what bad shape MJ’s dad is in. Finally the bartender arrives and everyone starts drinking.

There is one good thing about Reza and his deep reflection, it’s making him realize life is too short to fight with GG. He calls her over to the sofa where he and the gang are sitting. GG has a gift for everyone. She brings out little people protectors from Belize that she didn’t give them because once again the shit hit the fan. GG and Reza make up and all is well…for now. Yay…for now.

Tune in next time for the Peace in the Middle East Halloween party. Won’t that be a rager!


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