RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Chantel’s Family Served ‘Voodoo Chicken Feet’ As Prenup Revenge!

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As our 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After journey continues, TLC busts out of boring with one couple — while it was more of the same with our two favorites sets of contentious lovebirds. 

Danielle and Mohamed

We join Danielle, and learn that she scored an annulment court date. Danielle needs hardcore evidence, so she arranges a meeting with her sister and her husband, to ask them to cosign her story. Danielle apologizes to her family for her shady Tunisian ex, and admits that she made a mistake cutting the cutie a million breaks. The duo calls her a weak pushover, and Danielle admits that she’s a bit of a lovesick loser. She claims that she’s committed  to proving Mohamed a fraud, but sister Sarah looks skeptical. Sarah knows that Mohamed is one mean sweet-talker, and that Danielle struggles to walk her talk. Danielle swears that she’s ready to play badass, but her cross-eyed smirk says otherwise.

We next sit in on a meeting with Mohamed and Diamond, and Diamond reveals that Danielle is harassing her via text and social media. Mohamed knows that Danielle was a monstrous mistake, especially now, because she’s encouraging social media thuggery. Mohamed takes quite a leap, and says that he’s worried about Facebook bullies hunting him down. Later, we see Mohamed packing up to go to Ohio, ready to face the courtroom hoopla. Mohamed says that Danielle is still spreading rumors on social media — and that rogue Danielle fans are threatening to kick his ass. Meanwhile, Danielle is shopping for a “badass bitch” court outfit, and we get to sit in on the cringeworthy spectacle. She meets up with Sarah, and claims that she has evidence to prove that Mohamed is a fake. Danielle spills that Mohamed is scooping his own poop on social media — and that much of what he says doesn’t make sense. Sarah calls Mohamed “erratic” and Danielle denies being a social media liar — promising that she’s just been warning the masses. Danielle is worried that Mohamed might pull a courthouse whammy, and Sarah knows that Mohamed’s dreamy eyes still have a hold on her sis. Danielle picks out an outfit, and Sarah pumps her up to resist Mohamed’s animal magnetism.

Jorge and Anfisa

We check in with the cast leg-spreader, who is in the middle of a melodramatic pout. Anfisa feels disrespected, because Jorge didn’t stick up for her to his sister — an incident which occurred after Anfisa tried to smack her husband in the head. Jorge has been booted out again, because Anfisa needs space. TLC offers an on-point breakup ditty, as we join Jorge, slumped in a hotel — his soul burning, and his heart shattered by a love gone bad. Anfisa just cares that her own life is great, but is short on cash, and kinda needs Jorge’s maxed-out credit cards. We switch gears, and sit in on a lunch with Anfisa and pal, Miranda, who is lending a purchased ear to listen to Anfisa whine about her traitor hubby. Miranda backs Anfisa’s stance, and believes that Jorge is immature, and not prepared to keep a selfish whore happy.

Anfisa wants Jorge to change, but Miranda counsels her to dump the broke chubby guy, and gold-dig for real this time. The gals chat about plastic surgery and injected lips, and agree that the more funded procedures the better. Anfisa is lonely and worried, and crosses her fingers that her plastic surgery pro likes his girls Russian and ready. We check back in with Jorge, who is meeting up with Lourdes  relieved that he can be honest about his tawdry love-life. He reveals that Anfisa verbally abused him, and that he was lucky to make it out alive. Jorge admits that Anfisa is one scary soul-mate, and wishes that he could cut the lovesick sap crap. Lourdes asks if they will reconcile, but suspects that they will, because Jorge is a needy fixer. Jorge loves Anfisa, even if he has to dodge a punch, from time to time. Lourdes will believe the split when she sees it — and Jorge knows that he needs to pull his life together.

Chantel and Pedro

In a shocking twist, Chantel and Pedro’s story veers into the interesting, jumping from snoozy to OMG in one episode. Chantel’s family trip to the Dominican Republic takes a comatose storyline and shoots it through the roof. 

Chantel and Pedro’s relationship has been working though “cultural differences” — aka Pedro’s claimed responsibility to send home wads of Chantel’s cash. Chantel, Pedro, and Chantel’s skeptical family travel to Pedro’s homeland, with the purpose of uniting the families for a second wedding ceremony. The whole ordeal stinks like forced reality TV — but the families agree to it. Pedro buys out the local Walmart, packing merchandise to haul to his needy/demanding family. Chantel allows Pedro to spoil his family, but really believes that they’re a bunch of sneaky freeloaders. Chantel and all arrive in the Dominican Republic, and Pedro’s kin are thrilled to see their son/brother — but annoyed that he didn’t drag the promised TV.

Chantel and her family are later shocked to find Pedro’s mother and sis living in a large, upscale apartment — funded by American cash. Chantel is peeved, because she’s still stuck in a studio apartment. Pedro’s family collects the transported goods, and is thrilled with the new clothes, along with a bonus laptop. The American windfall further unnerves Chantel’s family. Pedro’s mother embraces the “stupid Americans” into her home by shadily serving them voodoo chicken scraps — but they don’t fall for the cultural curveball.

Pedro’s mother continues to shade the prenup — previously required by Chantel’s parents — the real crux of her bitterness. Chantel’s mother doesn’t hold back her true feelings, and Pedro’s cackling mother and sister are busted for trying to bully their guests. Things really hit the fan when a road trip to Pedro’s grandmother’s shack highlights just how far his family has moved on up — on Chantel and Pedro’s American dime.

Next week, Jorge and Anfisa’s separation hits the month mark, Mohamed and Danielle’s court date nears, and the Chantel/Pedro drama continues.


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