Shamea Morton ‘Curses’ Her Kenyan Wedding By Thrusting Her Vagina at Groom’s African Family In Raunchy Dance! (Pics & Video)

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Shamea Morton got married this weekend in a lavish Kenyan wedding!

On July 22, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her fiancé, Gerald Mwangi, who is originally from Kenya, tied the knot in Nyeri, Kenya. The reception was held at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club — a venue at Mount Kenya, the second-highest peak in Africa behind Mount Kilimanjaro.

Many friends and family from Atlanta, Georgia attended the ceremony. This includes, RHOA co-stars, Kandi Burruss, and her husband Todd Tucker. And despite the major drama that occurred with the RHOA ladies in season nine, Shamea invited many of them to her special day — all of them except Phaedra Parks, who started rumors about Shamea and Kandi Burruss hooking up. 

Originally, Porsha was supposed to be in the wedding party, but after she did not defend her former bestie Shamea against Phaedra’s lies, Shamea decided to remove Porsha from her wedding party, but still invited her as a guest to the ceremony in Africa.

Shamea’s getaway wedding was an African adventure — her guests were treated to safari tours, spoiled on lavish treats and beach fun.

We’re told the bride, “partied hard — all night long,” with her wedding guests but perhaps too hard! In spite of the wedding being a Western ceremony in the groom’s homeland, Shamea performed a raunchy dance that included thrusting her vagina at the groom’s traditional Kenyan family and friends. Watch the shocking video below.

More video below:

Surely unbeknownst to Shamea, her dirty dance apparently ‘cursed,’ and brought shame on Gerald’s family. Many outraged African fans slammed the “disgraceful,” dance on social media. The Atlanta businessman groom (he owns companies that deal in mergers and acquisitions), is deeply connected to his African roots. The couple even held a ‘Kuracia and Ngurario’ (dowry and traditional Kikuyu wedding ceremony) in April, where a dowry was presented to the bride’s parents.

Some wedding guests

Read some comments below:

  • “He tried to honor her by marrying her in his african ancestral home,, and she cursed the entire clan by thrusting her coochie at them…….There has to be a traditional cleansing ceremony right away for the whole clan with a medicine man and all!! or There might be an outbreak of disease or famine in the land”

  • “DIDNT SOMEONE TELL HER TO BE RESPECTFUL OF AFRICAN CULTURE!!! He didnt school her?!? Showing your private parts to Africans is to curse them!! SHAME ON HER!!!!!!! SO STUPID , WHAT A STUPID AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN!! SHAMEFUL!!!”

  • “Wait a minute. Since when is this appropriate at a wedding especially a wedding in Kenya? Africans usually don’t play when it comes to weddings. This kind of fu**ery is usually not allowed. Doing splits and legs wide open.smdh It’s not like she was whining and being sexy. Thats appropriate, not this mess.”

  • “There is a time and place for everything. Africans are usually particular about proper etiquette at weddings. They love to dance, but splits and having your legs open is usually a No No. Definitely they were talking about her afterwards. They probably was calling it “rubbish.”


  • “Nothing about that was fluid or graceful lmao. She just bust it open with not a touch of tenderness lmao”

  • “You think Atlanta can talk? Watch every African woman talk about how “disgraceful” this was.(That’s their favorite insult)” 

  • “Oh this a wedding ???? African Mothers everywhere would not approve”

Watch Shamea’s father/daughter dance at the wedding below.

The couple got engaged on August 14, 2016 and have been together for three years — the RHOA star definitely feels blessed to have him in her life.

“He is amazing. He is definitely Godsend. And they say you get to kiss a couple of frogs before you get your Prince Charming, and that is definitely what he is,” Shamea gushed during a recent interview with The Daily Dish. “I think about where I was five years ago even, and I think about where I am now, and all I can say is, ‘God, he is so good, and he is so merciful, and he is so understanding, and he is so patient and forgiving.’ And it’s nothing but his work that brought us together.” 

The wedding party

Bride and groom

Shamea was reportedly offered a peach, but turned it down at the request of her husband. However, she will remain a “friend of” on the Bravo reality series with limited appearances.

Some ATL wedding guests

What do you think of Shamea’s dirty dance at her wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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