Ultimate Betrayal! #RHONY Bethenny Frankel Befriends Ramona’s Nemesis Kasey Dexter

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Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer’s feud finally exposed!

The Real Housewives of New York stars have been at each other’s throats all season long — and a new report explains the backstory on the former friends nasty beef. Reportedly, their beef started before the current season even began. 

Tempers flared when the Skinnygirl mogul opted to reside at her friends’ Hamptons home before she bought her own house.

“Kasey [Dexter] and Mario met at their friend’s home in the Hamptons in 2013,” an insider told Radar. “She had a bruise on her butt from getting hit with a tennis ball and he came up to her and was flirting with her, talking about the injury. Ramona was right there and witnessed the whole thing. Mario asked for her number and the next day she sent him pictures. They were on their friend’s yacht and Mario almost had a heart attack!”

During her stay at the home, despite Bethenny being friends with Ramona, she befriended the homewrecking mistress that ended Singer’s marriage.

“Bethenny was staying at the same house as Kasey that summer,” the insider added. “They used to be friends!”

“Bethenny knew everything that was going on!” the insider concluded. “Maybe that’s why Bethenny and Ramona deep down don’t like each other!”

As reported, the couple split in January 2014, after Ramona discovered his affair with Kasey Dexter. Mario, is still dating Dexter and the two are talking marriage.

Bethenny and Ramona came to a temporary cease-fire in Mexico after numerous clashes, Frankel invited — then disinvited — Singer to the group trip, since Ramona revealed the Skinnygirl’s “soft porn” past.

As readers know, there’s always drama when The Real Housewives of New York ladies vacation together, and this Mexican getaway will be no exception. You can expect Bethenny and Ramona to try and hash out their issues, but it will only result in more fireworks.


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