RECAP: Matt’s Mistress SLAMS Briana On #LittleWomenLA Reunion: ‘I Blame You!’ (Video)

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Welcome back for Part 2 of the Little Women LA reunion. Our host, Kevin, wastes no time introducing Stephania, the misguided skank bartender who worked at the Alaskan resort and found Matt attractive enough to kiss – if you believe that’s all they did.

Stephania claims that most of her conversation with Matt was centered on Briana and their fighting, and claims she was only consoling Matt for much of the time. You see, Matt says he was sad that Briana wouldn’t join him at the bar. Later though, Briana did join Matt at the bar, but when she saw him with another woman and “made a scene” they left. Stephania says Briana kicked Matt out of their room, but Briana says no, that’s not what happened, and Matt says, Duh, I don’t know, I was drunk.

So how did Matt and Stephania bump (and grind) into each for a second time that night? This is where Matt says things get a little “fuzzy.” Turns out, Stephania was off for the night and spotted Matt wandering around. Stephania says she was curious about this married man, who she claims, no one gives a chance to speak. After talking for a while in the employee lounge, Stephania felt comfortable enough to bring Matt to her home despite that it was three in the morning. So what happened when they got to her house? They kissed, but then Stephania became uncomfortable. Bitch, please. Too late for that. She was asked if it was one long kiss or a series of kisses, and suddenly Matt can remember it was only one long kiss.

Terra brings up that this is the first they are hearing about Matt going to Stephania’s house. And let’s not forget about smoking weed. Obviously that took place there as well. But rest assured, Matt says there was no groping. Whew. And here we were so worried. Kevin points out to Matt that this is called “cheating.” What happened next? Stephania says she sent Matt home after he showed her the “insane amount of texting” from Briana. What’s insane is you bringing home a married man just to claim your five minutes of fame.

Kevin wants to know why the ladies are attacking Stephania when clearly they should be attacking Matt, but then Stephania has the gall to say, no wonder Matt wanted to get away from Briana with all her crazy texting. She then says Briana’s insecurity and jealousy is really hurting their relationship. Where did you get your degree? University of Homewreckers?

When asked if she thought she should apologize to the reality star, Stephania replied, “Why would I? You’re the reason why any of that happened! Yes, I blame you.”

“You blame me that you welcomed a married man into your room?” Renee asked in disgust.

“You kicked him out of the room!” Stephania retorted, before admitting, “He shouldn’t have kissed me, it shouldn’t have happened.”

“Did you use a condom?” costar Elena Gant chimed in, with Terra Joleadding, “I second that! I told Briana she needs an STD test!”

Jasmine asks the most important of the night, did they use protection. Stephania once again blames Briana for “creating the situation” that made Matt cheat. But wait, there’s more. Stephania is married herself. Say what? And get this, Matt had no idea. But it gets worse. Stephania doesn’t care what her husband thinks, she’s more concerned what her boyfriend thinks. Go home. Matt is blown away by all of this and Kevin is like, goodbye and good luck. Matt exits stage left, too. He’s probably chasing Stephania in the parking lot for a quickie.

Up next is the discussion about the different types of dwarfism. The only good news out of this segment is that the name D’Artagnan is still not on the birth certificate – though Terra is still pushing for it. Kevin congratulates the ladies on being great moms, despite the drama they stir up in their personal lives.

Onto the differing jobs the ladies have outside the home. Jasmine is still a stay at home mom, so much for the Latin singing career. Elena is content staying home and passing judgment on Terra. Terra is like, I’m working hard for the money. So hard for it honey. And that is why Elena stripped Terra of her Godmother duties because if she doesn’t put her own kids first, hell to the no will she put Elena’s kids second. Elena says she only apologized to Terra because of her well-timed cancer scare. Elena is still sticking to her decision of Jasmine being the better choice because she has no life puts others first. Terra hops up from the couch and wants everyone to know she is not dog shit, but no one cares, and don’t ask Briana because she can’t smell a damn thing.

Speaking of relationship struggles, Tonya and Kerwin have their own issues. Kerwin and Angelique join Tonya on the couch. So, is Tonya ready to take the relationship to the next level now that Kerwin put a ring on it that Tonya paid for? Will Tonya cook more food? Can this couple overcome their huge obstacles? The short answer (pardon the pun) is no. Angelique says her mom and dad have rushed into this. I mean, 21 years is really too soon. They each need to work on what it means to compromise. Kerwin is in it to win it, but Tonya is not. She needs Kerwin to bring something to the table. How about ribs and potato salad? But Kerwin says he ain’t the bitch in the relationship. Really, Kerwin? Me thinks you are. The two bicker back and forth and Kevin suddenly understands why the hesitation.

Next Kevin introduces Mary from England. Flashbacks are shown of Mary’s time on the show. Kevin asks why Mary thinks she wasn’t well received by some of the ladies. Mary explains that little women can be bitchy – amen to that sister. Kevin asks Elena what was up her ass about Mary. Elena says her clothes weren’t couture. Mary tells Elena she was a bully and she tried to sabotage her runway show. The two get into a screaming match, but hands down, Mary came off smarter because the British accent outdoes the Russian accent. Finally, Elena apologizes for her abhorrent behavior. Terra calls bullshit on Elena’s apology and Elena tells Terra to go eff herself.

Kevin asks Briana what she thinks of Mary claiming she’d been bullied. Briana says been there, done that with her body odor. Briana feels it was a low blow to mention it on national TV. Terra says, Bitch, please, you’ll talk about your cheating husband but not about your body odor? Briana tells all of America to quit offering her bars of soap, she’s good for now. Kevin calls out Terra for her ability to “cut someone down so low that you’re breaking them.” Kevin tells Terra she’s “different” which is like saying the party was “interesting.”

It’s been a roller coaster season but it’s finally over! What’s next for the girls?

  • Christy is working on her voice (so she can yell at Todd).
  • Briana is working on her kids (and that loser she’s married to).
  • Tonya is going to therapy (so she’ll always have an excuse not to get married).
  • Jasmine has no clue (and that’s very true).
  • Terra is working on her home (and bossing around everyone in her life).
  • Elena is working on having more children (and hopefully their own show).

The last question Kevin asks: Will Elena and Terra ever repair their friendship? Elena says no and Terra says why the hell not. This is obviously a rhetorical question.

That does it for the season. Hooray! We made it. What was your overall impression of this season? Sound off below.


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