Teairra Mari Finds Love & Keyshia Cole And Her Ex Play Out Their Relationship Drama In The #LHHH Supertrailer!

Posted on Jul 19 2017 - 9:56am by Avigail

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood supertrailer is here and the fourth season is a whirlwind of drama that’s about to blow through your television starting on July 24.

Keyshia Cole joins the cast alongside her now-estranged husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson. Keyshia will showcase her work on her upcoming album and the trials and tribulations of co-parenting with Booby as they move towards divorce.

Hazel-E is back full-time to the VH1 reality series she’s throwing drinks and a plate at former friends!

Much to the disappointment of many fans, Safaree Samuels is returning and this time, he’s helping Miss Nikki Baby steer the career of her friend Chanel West Cost. In Safaree’s words, “This ain’t the first time I’ve pushed a pretty young thing to the next level.”

The NorwoodsRay J and his new bride Princess Love, are enjoying newlywed life while experiencing the ups and downs trying to have a baby.

Teairra Mari, is also back for another season and this time she’s found love with none other than Love & Hip Hop’s Cisco Rosado. The Creep Squad member travels to the Wrong Coast for love but will Teairra’s problem with alcohol break their relationship before it blossoms? Cisco finds himself at odds with TeTe’s closest friends as they try to intervene in her relationship with alcohol but will it be too much for Cisco to handle?

Lyrica and A1 are still kicking it but will their intense love affair come at the expense of their music careers. A1 is thriving with hits on the radio and an upcoming label but does he still have time to cater to Lyrica’s needs as a wife and an artist? Will Lyrica’s jealousy break their working relationship or their marriage? (Don’t worry their moms are back in the mix, too.)

It wouldn’t be Love & Hip Hop without the addition of some fly newbies and this season is no exception. Celebrity stylist Zell Swagg joins the fam but is Hollywood ready for all his swag and all his personality?

“Girl Fight” singer Brooke Valentine finds herself quickly in the drama as she explores her relationship with Marcus Black who is somehow connected to Rich Dollaz’ ex-girlfriend Jade? Will Brooke’s friendship with Booby threaten Marcus? 

Model and Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy is also on the set of Love & Hip Hollywood and seeking revenge against one-liner queen Masika Kalysha. The supertrailer suggests that Masika refuses to speak to her ex’s ex but will she able to steer clear for the whole season? Will Hazel and Nikki’s assist help Alexis for this epic showdown?

Moniece Slaughter is also back and ready to showcase her relationship with girlfriend A.D. Diggs. Moniece’s baby dad Fizz is still in the mix and approves of Mo’s new gay relationship but is everyone in A.D.’s life buying what Mo’s selling, too?

Watch the season 4 trailer above and don’t miss the epic season four premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday, July 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on VH1.


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  • the underground train

    These LHH shows are so over the top fake. Cisco!? Please whatever. He has hooked up with more Reality tv “stars” than Broke pennies has. Tierra is hardly recognizable with that weight gain. Safaree and Nikki are useless and not needed. Ray J and Princess need to just enjoy their marriage off the show. The show should center around A1 and his wife and Keisha. Speaking of Keisha how did she go from having her own reality tv show to now having to join an ensemble cast?

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I like A1 and Lyrica and their ghetto mammas. Keisha Cole’s career has hit rock bottom, that’s why she’s joining this show. Booby Gibson is fine as wine. Got DAMN!

      • the underground train

        Yes her career has hit rock bottom but, will this show help? Except for K. Michelle and Omarion not many have revived their music careers from this series. While A1 and Lyrica’s mammas are ghetto no one holds a candle to LHHA Mama Dee’s craziness.

        • RealitytvJunkie

          I’d day Keisha’s mama Frankie takes the ghetto cake and if Mona Scott wants a real hit show, they better bring Frankie AND Neffie on. Remy Ma’s career took off again from LHH.

    • theStevieJBus

      I don’t think Keyshia’s show on BET was a hit like LHH. Plus her career is in the toilet and so is Booby’s. They need to make some money.

      • the underground train

        I know they need the money but having to do this must be a blow to Keyshia’s ego.

        • theStevieJBus

          Well with the money they gave her I’m sure her ego can handle it.

          The funny thing is when Booby was on the Cavs I was saying they should have done Love and Hip Hop Cleveland. She could have been the main feature on there, and they could have had MGK, Bone, and a few other randoms.

          • the underground train

            I would like to see a LHH Chicago with rappers like Chance the rapper and J. Cole.

          • RealitytvJunkie

            I loves me some Chance the Rapper. His album makes me feel Godly.

  • GirlPlz

    Fake, scripted trash with nobodies

  • Koko Banned

    There are like two known trannies on this show. I’m sure one of your faves. Fr fr. This is all fake, ALL these people are groomed and chosen specifically for this ghetto madness.