#SouthernCharm Season 4 Reunion Recap: Kathryn Lashes Out On Landon Over Thomas!

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The second part of the Southern Charm reunion starts where we left off, with a furious Thomas Ravenel threatening to expose unsavory truths about his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis. When Kathryn went after friend of the Charmed Ones, Jennifer Snowden, Thomas became very angry.

Andy Cohen tries to alleviate the tension in the room by calling out Kathryn for her cold treatment of Jenn. When they met for lunch this season, Kathryn couldn’t have cared less about Jennifer’s baby or his life and death struggle after birth. But now Kathryn defends her icy disdain by saying Jennifer’s tears over her son were simply manipulation. Jenn claps back and says her pain is genuine, beyotch. But Kathryn, ever the victim, claims she only wants people around her who are supportive and has trouble dealing with difficult situations. Craig helps Kathryn out by reminding her that she pushes people away, and she worked on this during rehab.

Whitney Sudler-Smith finally joins the crew as Andy gives Thomas props for taking care of his kids. Thomas says he’s embraced fatherhood. He’s moving out of the downtown compound and is looking for a house with a yard. But keeping the kids in the guest house with the nannies didn’t win him any points with the audience. Thomas says he actually lives in the guest house with the children, feeds them breakfast, and takes them to school. Kathryn whispers under her breath, “No, he doesn’t.” Whitney points out that the back house is safer, with no railings. 

Thomas, the eternal bachelor, points out that it’s hard to find a good woman. Either they’re too young or too old. All the good ones leave Charleston. What’s a fifty-something fella to do?! Thomas’ perfect female is between 35 and 38. Without kids and comes with a pedigree. And doesn’t mind a man who can drink her under the table. Good luck, T-Rav!

Landon Clements felt she received a double standard treatment when she dated her boy toy this season. As far as the Roam website, it’s sort of up and running, but she still resents the way Shep Rose talked to her during her launch party. Shep met with a group from Nantucket that said Landon was a brat. Shep now says he talked to Landon’s business partner, Anna. Anna confirmed Landon’s behavior was bitchy. But Landon says she felt sexually threatened because the three men didn’t book her a hotel and wanted her to stay on the boat with them. She refused, and because of that, they painted her as a bitch. Shep stands by his position, that she’s too big for her britches.

Next, Andy wonders if Landon might be a gold digger. Cameran Eubanks agrees that Landon’s comments make her sound like she’s looking for a rich man. While the cast thinks Landon is a good person, she’s too naïve to realize her statements may be misinterpreted. Or…she could just be looking for a rich man. And seriously, what’s wrong with that? If these older men want a young pretty woman, why can’t a woman look for a man with a big wallet? Seems fair to me.

All season, Thomas had his laser like gaze on Landon as the perfect woman. Kathryn’s assertion that Landon and Thomas spent a Valentine’s Day weekend together that resulted in sexual shenanigans is called into question. Landon still maintains that she and Thomas kept their friends without benefits status. But even Cameran calls bullshit on that decision. She thinks Landon should be more discretion. Landon’s big argument was that it wasn’t a three-day trip, only an overnighter. Okay, then, that clears up everything! Thomas and Landon aren’t a love match, that much is clear. Thomas admits he’s thinned skinned. He doesn’t react well to any kind of criticism. And Landon doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of Thomas’ anger. At any rate, Landon and Thomas are still friends, and they recently attended a wedding in Santa Barbara together.

Cameran had one goal this season: to get Shep together with her bud, Chelsea Meissner. Chelsea says she’s known Shep for almost a decade. They met when Shep started dating Chelsea’s roommate. While Chelsea likes sober Shep, he’s rarely around. Shep complains that he didn’t have time to woo Chelsea because Austen swept in and got the girl, but Chelsea points out that he could have shown the sober side of himself in the last decade and didn’t. Chelsea likes Austen’s straight forward attitude, and says she wasn’t trying to play the friends off each other. She just didn’t realize Shep and Austen were such good pals. When Shep tried to steer Chelsea outside the bar for a kiss it became a bone of contention. Shep says he didn’t “grab” her. And since Chelsea and Austen kept saying they weren’t serious, Shep didn’t have a problem making a play for her. Kathryn points out that Chelsea’s feelings are the important part in this scenario, and the men just brush off their passes as drunken frat boy behavior. Whitney still thinks Austen overreacted to the whole situation, because after all, this is Shep we’re talking about. Shep does whatever he wants, and everyone is supposed to accept his asshole behavior. Because he’s Shep! Chelsea accuses Shep of being aggressive that night. He doesn’t realize how much he changes after a few drinks.

Despite all the drama this season, Austen and Chelsea are no longer together. But they care about each other so much, y’all! The two agree they might reconcile.

As for Landon openly flirting with Austen, Shep is surprised that they facetime three times a day. He thinks Austen has more chemistry with Landon than he did with Chelsea. Austen says his feelings for Landon are simply platonic. And though Landon flirted with Austen in Key West, she doesn’t regret her behavior. Kathryn calls bullshit on Landon’s protestation of innocence. Chelsea agrees, saying that Landon was all over Austen like a bad rash. At the hunting lodge, Landon pawed Austen, even though he stayed in a cabin alone with Chelsea. Landon comes back with, “Oh, so I can’t be friends with Austen?” Bish, please. Friendship and fondling are two different things.

Here’s my problem with Landon — besides her squeaky voice — she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s overly flirtatious, and then she plays stupid and refuses to admit she crossed a line. She’s kind of like Kathryn that way. Ladies, take responsibility for your behavior. That is all.

Shep was so drunk after leaving Key West, he couldn’t board the plane. As we remember, Craig stayed back to take care of Shep. Now Shep doesn’t think he did anything inappropriate. And when he admitted this season that he felt nothing inside, Shep defends himself, saying that no one is happy all the time. Craig thinks Shep has money, but no purpose. Shep backtracks on that admission and says that at least he fesses up to feeling bad sometimes, whereas Craig is delusional, because he tries to portray his life as shiny and perfect. Craig feels that Shep hits below the belt sometimes and thinks Shep is a bully. Then they start calling each other assholes until Andy breaks it up.

Thomas and Kathryn had a moment of peace during Saint’s birthday party. Andy still sees a heat between them. He thinks Thomas looks at Kathryn with passion and affection, even though they don’t get along. Will they ever get back together? They both avoid answering that question.

Shep has been busy filming a new show called RelathionShep. Will he find true love? I’m holding my breath.

So, what do you think of the demise of Austen and Chelsea’s relationship? Will Kathryn ever get it together long enough to share custody of the kids? And will Thomas move his kids to the main house? Burning questions that will have to wait until next season.

It was great playing tour guide through Southern Charm this season. Thanks for reading and all the funny and thoughtful comments.


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