“They Tried To Kill Me!” Vicki Gunvalson Rushed To Hospital After Black Out During Argument #RHOC Iceland Cast Trip!

Posted on Jul 16 2017 - 11:52am by BeachSpin

Vicki Gunvalson’s Real Housewives of Orange County ride took a nosedive during a cast trip to Iceland — landing the reality star on a stretcher for the second consecutive season.

Vicki has revealed that she’s the one who will be carted away in an ambulance — a scene teased in the dramatic Season 12 preview trailer. The veteran laughed off the incident during an interview to ET, joking that her cast-mates were out to get her.

“They tried to kill me,” she joked. “That’s my story: They literally tried to kill me.”

The insurance sales exec said that she remembers little from the episode, and will experience the drama along with the viewers. The details remain top-secret, but Vicki revealed that she blacked out while filming, wiping out much of her memory.

“They all asked me, ‘Do you want us to go to the hospital with you, or what do you want us to do?’” Vicki said of the cast reactions. “I said, ‘Stay back and whoop it up’ — I think they did.”

Last season’s Glamis, CA ATV wreck spurred drama, when Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds did not check on Vicki, who had been airlifted to a local hospital. The incident revealed an ice-cold dynamic within the cast.

Vicki also spoke to the outlet about her broken relationship with her ex-bestie, Tamra Judge. The show is expected to highlight Vicki and Tamra’s messy reality — one that appears shattered beyond repair.

“I don’t think it’ll ever be the same, but I do think that the viewers — and I — have seen some ice breaking,” Vicki said. “I’m hopeful.”

Tamra is not so hopeful, telling People Now on Monday that the outlook is not bright.

“She’s done too much damage to me,” Tamra noted. “Personally, she has no boundaries and so that’s where you’re like, ‘Is that the kind of friend I want?’”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday night, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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  • shayvoe

    Oh the drama with the hypochondriac! Always the one being rushed to the hospital, and looking for sympathy and a caserole. And, if it’s not her, it’s one of her family members she is using for sympathy. Pitiful!!

    • kate

      yep, the fact that it was Vicki having a medical emergency tells me it probably wasn’t a big deal. Vicki just knows that she gets viewer sympathy if they see her on a stretcher. It worked for a few episodes last year, so she’s trying it again this season. If one of the other ladies was carted away on a stretcher, I would assume it was something legit and serious. Sorry, Vicki, even your daughter called you out for faking/exaggerating for attention and sympathy–and she would know, she’s a nurse.

      • Nunna Yobiz

        “Vicki and the Vapors”…chap. + ad. nauseum.

        • Rochelle013

          LOL. Perfect

    • Bryan

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Again having to go to the hospital LOL, she should have stayed home, of all places to send these broads, ICELAND!?!?!?!?

      • Marsbars09

        I don’t know anything about Iceland. Do you know if it’s a top tourist destination?

      • shayvoe

        No kidding….they should have found the biggest glacier there and left all of them on it! Surprised Vickie’s woo-hooing didn’t start an avalanche.

        • Bryan

          They could just thrown them in one of the many volcano’s quick and easy and works for me!

          • shayvoe

            Yep…and more humane….lol.

  • ALegWithWings

    Vicki might not be the kind of friend Tamra wants…but she’s the kind of friend Tamra DESERVES!

  • MsM

    Told ya’ll Shannon would try to poison somebody….lol

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Lmao. Shannut is cray cray.

  • Evil Queen

    ” Boundaries!?”. This bitch has the audacity to utter that word from her mouth!

    • Authentic

      Right! Really?

  • Marsbars09

    I wonder what caused Icky’s “black out”? Too much alcohol consumption perhaps?

    • Bryan

      Shannon’s chronic flatulence !

    • Authentic

      The article is confusing, doesn’t say much.

  • penny 2

    Yeah you know all about boundaries Tamra!

  • CeeJay

    The only stretcher I’m interested in seeing is the one that wheel’s Vicki off this show for good. Sayonara Vicki!

    • Marsbars09

      Great one CeeJay! ????
      How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve chatted.

  • Bryan

    Who is this sad queen interviewing Dirty Granny????

  • dina

    well Shannon forgave Tamara for the crap she started about her marriage.

    • NoOneInHell

      What exact did Tamra start about Shannon’s marriage?

  • TartLemon

    Is this being carted away in an ambulance thing POS Vicki’s new go to every season? Sounds like production better reconsider their liability she’ll eventually charge them with. It’s building to that. Can’t they see it?

  • SassyMcAsspants

    Oh man, everybody best be making some cASSeroles! Eye roll.