Kim Zolciak Threatens “Jealous Cyber Bullies” After Fans Compare Brielle’s Dramatic Plastic Surgery To Michael Jackson!

Posted on Jul 16 2017 - 5:07pm by Staff Writer

Kim Zolciak-Biermann went ballistic this week when fans slammed Brielle Biermann’s cosmetic catastrophe!

The 20-year-old came under fire after Kim posted a shockingly disturbing photo of her eldest daughter — and multiple brutal responses followed. Most of the remarks were about Brielle’s inflated pout and extreme plastic make-over face. Many fans compared her to the former king of plastic surgery, Michael Jackson — “She looks like Michael Jackson a wax figure,” one person commented.

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While there were some fans defending Brielle, 90% were negative replies — and the mom of six took to Instagram on Tuesday to inform her followers, “She [Brielle] was born this way!!” And posted throwback photos of a young Brielle to prove it. 

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The 39-year-old went on to threaten “jealous cyberbullies,” would be blocked from her Instagram page. Her entire post captioned, “kimzolciakbiermannWhat can you say when you realize she was born this way!!  @briellebiermann other than her lips #GTFOH #CyberBullies #Jealous -#BitchesBlocked My kids see your comments SOOOOOO if you write something stupid be prepared to b blocked 4EVER.”

One commenter immediately clapped back at the reality star’s post — informing her she was wasting her time, 
“You might as well shut this page down then because 80% of the comments are NEGATIVE…SMH”

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A sampling of comments below:

  • “Michael Jackson”
  • “That face looks plastic to me. Ugly”
  • “She looks ridiculous, are you nuts as her mom”
  • “Born that way? Hahahaha ????””Quit lying looks like she had a nose job also”
  • “That it’s too bad you felt she wasn’t beautiful enough the way God made her.”
  • “Jealous of what? A mother who buys their kids affection with purses and lip fillers? Gtfo.”
  • “Girl, bye. I guess you were born looking that way too LOL”
  • “So she didn’t have her body done????? cuz we watched her grow up and she definitely pulled a Kylie Jenner on us.”
  • “Nose was fixed. Narrow at the end.”

when i go on vacay i might rent out the bahamas – @lilyachty

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This isn’t the first time the reality mom has been called out for her daughter’s face but fans seem to be getting increasingly alarmed by the dramatic changes. 

Do you believe Brielle was born this way and people are hating? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • Sandy Wood

    Too bad Kim didn’t spend some time and teach Brielle how to color within the lines.
    Even with lip enhancements, it just wasn’t quite enough.

  • we”r”family

    Just like Mommy Dearest, it is obvious that there have been many trips to the plastic surgeon.

  • Txtea

    “Be prepared to be blocked”…. can you imagine the complete devestation that could cause one persons entire being Kim???? ???????? when Brielle has children the truth comes out. When anyone watches Atlanta when she was a teen the truth is on the screen. These changes are not from weight loss or maturing. These are doctor changed. Just own it like rinna

  • christy flanders

    She’s unrecognizable!

    • 4peace

      It is truly sad.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    All that money spent on plastic surgeons could have been used to pay the landscapers and the babysitters.

    • GetReal2014

      LOL! So true. They look ridiculous.

  • Nancysue
    • Marsbars09

      I feel so sorry that Brielle and Ariana do not have their grandparents in their lives. They at least provided the girls with stability.

      • chacha1

        Too bad the Bierman grandparents were kicked to the curb, they seemed like decent people who had the misfortune of having the Pig in the Wig as a daughter-in-law

        • GetReal2014

          Ha ha ha ha. You are so funny.

    • chacha1

      OMG she has turned Ariana into a bimbo like her and Brielle, those hemorrhoid lips !!

  • Nancysue

    What about the below of Ariana?

    • MidwestMiddie

      Simply awful. Kim is so jealous of her daughters youth and natural beauty. She is making them look clownish and 20 years older than they actually are.

    • Marsbars09

      Not Ariana! She is still a baby! Also, isn’t it abusive of Kim to have such a procedure done on Ariana as she is under 18 years old?

      • chacha1

        Pig in the Wig has Ariana bending over in a bikini top showing her boobs and making duck lips … this started when Ariana was 14 …. this was all over social media ..Ariana being the only pretty one is now a bimbo in training and will end up waxy with hemorrhoid lips

  • jpinphx

    Is being blocked by Kim such a threat? its more like a gift.

    • Marsbars09

      LOL! Yes.

  • Marsbars09

    It’s so sad how Kim encouraged Brielle to become a plastic surgery addicted tramp just like her.
    Brielle truly never had a chance with Kim for a mother.

    • Rochelle013


  • LuciLulu

    Not only has she paid to overhaul Brielle, now she’s working on Ariana! What a shame Kim has only taught these kids that only looks matter, she should have taught them that “beauty fades, dumb is forever”!

  • TartLemon

    So, bring it, TRASH!

    Pretty simple really. If you don’t like they way SM responds, STAY OFF SM! Obviously not rocket science, but it may seem so to anyone who doesn’t value an education over material things and looks.

  • Oscar Moto

    She really is reaching Whacko Jacko territory

  • Koko Banned

    Poor pliglet, doesn’t she know we too have the internet and can see the dramatic changes. Her bum didn’t come from squats, those lips and nose have been refined through the years. We IS NOT blind miss pliglet. We is smart. Kim is so delusional and mind controlled she’s doesn’t know what is real and what is not. I get be Kim thinks she was born this way too.

  • chacha1

    the botox has filled in her dimples, this skag is overbotoxed like her mother and they both have big fat chucky legs and kankles …. two pigs in wigs …… GTFOOH with your lies Mrs. Piggy Wiggy.. and she is ruining Ariana ….. Skank in training

  • Deardorff

    I pity them. Apparently, when they look in the mirror; they do not see, what we all see.

  • chacha1

    Their lips look like hemorrhoids

    • GetReal2014

      LOLOLOLOLOL! I can’t even say anything. That was funny as hail.

      • chacha1

        Hahahaha IKR?, they really do look like that

        • GetReal2014

          Yep, you nailed it. I laughed so hard when I read that.

  • Authentic

    The mother is sick!

  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    She was born with a wig, fake eyelashes, fake nails, lip implants, boob implants and a nose job?

    • chacha1

      If Mrs Piggy in the Wiggy says so I guess we should believe her lying ass, this self proclaimed prostitute also lied about having cancer

  • SMDRN66

    First of all, Brielle isn’t interesting enough to even make me sick, let alone ‘hate’ her. Kim hasn’t done her daughters any favors by focusing on their outer looks instead of building their education and life skills. What happens when the money tree goes bare and they are trained to do nothing other than pout for selfies?

    • chacha1

      they will then find their own BIG POPPA …. Brielle already trolled for ‘ballers’ and I think is dating a minor league baseball player who has a contract with the Chicago White Sox …..

  • chacha1

    Look at the picture of Brielle in the orange bikini, she already has the botox settling in her thighs like lumps ……