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Kim Zolciak Threatens “Jealous Cyber Bullies” After Fans Compare Brielle’s Dramatic Plastic Surgery To Michael Jackson!

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann went ballistic this week when fans slammed Brielle Biermann’s cosmetic catastrophe!

The 20-year-old came under fire after Kim posted a shockingly disturbing photo of her eldest daughter — and multiple brutal responses followed. Most of the remarks were about Brielle’s inflated pout and extreme plastic make-over face. Many fans compared her to the former king of plastic surgery, Michael Jackson — “She looks like Michael Jackson a wax figure,” one person commented.

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@brandonnst.regis narrating…. 💋💋

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While there were some fans defending Brielle, 90% were negative replies — and the mom of six took to Instagram on Tuesday to inform her followers, “She [Brielle] was born this way!!” And posted throwback photos of a young Brielle to prove it. 

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The 39-year-old went on to threaten “jealous cyberbullies,” would be blocked from her Instagram page. Her entire post captioned, “kimzolciakbiermannWhat can you say when you realize she was born this way!!  @briellebiermann other than her lips #GTFOH #CyberBullies #Jealous -#BitchesBlocked My kids see your comments SOOOOOO if you write something stupid be prepared to b blocked 4EVER.”

One commenter immediately clapped back at the reality star’s post — informing her she was wasting her time, 
“You might as well shut this page down then because 80% of the comments are NEGATIVE…SMH”

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A sampling of comments below:

  • “Michael Jackson”
  • “That face looks plastic to me. Ugly”
  • “She looks ridiculous, are you nuts as her mom”
  • “Born that way? Hahahaha ????””Quit lying looks like she had a nose job also”
  • “That it’s too bad you felt she wasn’t beautiful enough the way God made her.”
  • “Jealous of what? A mother who buys their kids affection with purses and lip fillers? Gtfo.”
  • “Girl, bye. I guess you were born looking that way too LOL”
  • “So she didn’t have her body done????? cuz we watched her grow up and she definitely pulled a Kylie Jenner on us.”
  • “Nose was fixed. Narrow at the end.”

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when i go on vacay i might rent out the bahamas – @lilyachty

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This isn’t the first time the reality mom has been called out for her daughter’s face but fans seem to be getting increasingly alarmed by the dramatic changes. 

Do you believe Brielle was born this way and people are hating? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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