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#RHOC Tamra Judge Lashes Out At Vicki Gunvalson For Attacking Her Husband, Business & Her Daughter!

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Tamra Judge is starting Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County right where she left off in Season 11 — bashing Vicki Gunvalson. While Vicki shared hope for a renewed friendship with Tamra in her first Bravo blog — Tamra did not return the sentiment.

Tamra accuses Vicki of “attacking” her family — clearly not over Vicki repeating an ancient rumor about Eddie’s sexuality. Tamra labels Vicki a liar — blasting her for not apologizing for spilling the lukewarm tea.

“I knew when I told Eddie that Lydia asked me to go to lunch with Vicki he wouldn’t think it was a good idea. We’ve talked about this a lot and when someone starts attacking your family there is no going back. It really does come down to this…if someone has no problem lying about their life, they will have no problem lying about yours. That’s not the kind of friendships I want. She’s had six months to call me and Eddie to apologize and she hasn’t.”

Tamra breaks from her lashing to weigh in on her good friend, Shannon. Tamra gushes that Shannon is a “wonderful friend” with a “kind heart,” but there’s no mention of the Cut Fitness pro offering professional guidance to aid in her bestie’s quest to shed the pounds. 

Tamra snaps back to business, busting Vicki for shading her barren gym parking lot, and for pointing out that training for fitness pageants does not qualify as work. Tamra also did not appreciate Vicki’s mention of “skeletons” in her closet.

“Vicki is truly delusional, she insults me, my husband, my business, my fitness competition and the relationship with my daughter, just in the first episode. Then says how SHE was done wrong and how I owe her an apology. PLEASE! It’s almost laughable. I think we all know why she’s been called a liar.”

Tamra throws in a jab at Kelly Dodd for good measure, as she concludes her rant.

Kelly’s comment about my competition was ignorant. I would love to see Vicki and Kelly go through the training for six months and step on a stage. Everyone there was a winner in my eyes for having the discipline, setting a goal, and sticking to it. It’s a lot more work than picking up weights every day, but I wouldn’t expect them to understand that.” 

Tamra has evidently turned her sparkly bikini strut into a full-time calling — will an exposed skeleton or two liven up her storyline?

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