#KendraOnTop Kendra Wilkinson Threatens To Cut Mom Off from Her Kids Over Exposé!

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 6:15pm by Staff Writer

It’s the last straw for Kendra Wilkinson!

In a clip of Friday’s Kendra on Top episode, Kendra is distraught after finding out that her mother, Patti, met with a “tell-all” book publisher and threatens to cut her out of her family’s life for good!

“There’s no coming back,” says Kendra. “There’s no having a relationship, there’s no having your grandkids,” Kendra adamantly explains.

In 2014, Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett, had an affair with a transgender prostitute while his wife was eight months pregnant. The couple underwent therapy and reconciled but Kendra’s mother never fully forgave HankSince Patti announced that she intended on writing her exposé, Kendra has voiced her concern that resurfacing Baskett’s 2014 affair would be traumatic for the couple. 

“You have a chance to have a real life,” she says. “You have a chance to have your grandkids back. You have a chance to have a real family.”

While the two tried to mend their broken relationship on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — Family Edition, their dynamic is undoubtedly at an all-time low, with Patti’s tell-all about her daughter taking center stage.

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  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Hmmm … considering my perfunctory attitude towards little urchins and all, and also being rather depthless, I guess I would have to know exactly what kind of money Judith Regan is offering to form an opinion on this. For the right price, I think I’d probably walk away from Kendra and her tranny lovin’ hubby.

    • RHONJ Fan

      Lol, you’re so bad.

    • Nunna Yobiz

      Agree. The Grands won’t lose touch. Social media and all… mwahahahah….

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    I still think it’s just a SL for the show

    • Evita Peron

      Totally. And it’s boring already. How long are they gonna drag the whole “will she or won’t she” thing out? This storyline was manufactured by some producers in an atempt to create drama. The acting is stiff and contrived. Patti as She-Villain takes the focus off The Adventures of Freaky Hanky and the Shemale Shopper.

      • Contessa Bel Raven

        Yes, they started the SL on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition and it seemed contrived there as well. Guess they are running out of SL’s on the show. I also am not fully convinced the whole Hank cheating on her wasn’t a SL as well. I’ve only caught a couple of episodes but although the kids are cute she comes across ass (typo and it stays cause she comes across as one) very lazy and narcissistic. He was doing most of the work with the kids while she was the pampered princess who slept in late after being out partying with her friends, etc. Hank of course being her enabler in her “all about her all the time” world. Pretty boring stuff IMO.

      • Bluefire

        Who even cares about that old Hank news? She isn’t taking the focus off Hanks thing that is long over, she is the one bringing it up.

    • Bluefire

      Well yeah. We all know she will say OK I won’t write it and all will be good…..for now.

      • Contessa Bel Raven

        Yeah until the next manufactured SL takes place….Maybe this one will be a Kendra possible cheating….

        • Bluefire

          Well Los Vegas is coming up so, yeah it could go that way, or then it could go back to Hank cheating while she is gone.

          • Contessa Bel Raven

            Either way it’s contrived and pretty boring IMO

          • Bluefire

            I agree. I actually only watched in once so far. I think it will one of those things I look up later to watch if I’m bored and then I can ff through most of it.

  • Supatall2u

    Cut her off…any mother that would betray their family doesn’t deserved the title of mother/grandmother. #byeBecky

  • RHONJ Fan

    Kendra’s mother is seeking a big day at her daughter’s expense.

  • Ronnie

    What is Patti going to tell that Kendra has not told herself? Why is Patti in the spotlight? Who is she to pop culture? Kendra got Girls Next Door to pay for a facelift for her. Why is she hurting her daughter and grandchild? As a parent, the worse I would do to my child is give him/her distance, if necessary, until we can be in a better place. There is nothing my child could do to make me hurt him/her.

  • Jackie

    Kendra is such a mouth breather. Too bad her mom didn’t teach her to breathe through her nose.

    • Bluefire

      Sometimes people have nose issues that cause this. I know from experience. Even after two surgeries it still happens.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    It’s basically the Kendra/Patti show at this point … in fact, Patti probably gets more (or at least equal) air time. If some stupid hack like Judith Regan is stupid enough to pay her, she’s got every right to write a book. What is Kendra’s sterling reputation going to be damaged? These fame ho’s. I say go for it; fck Kendra and Hanky and enjoy the money.

    • Nunna Yobiz

      Children on the alter, literally. May God have mercy on their soulz.

  • Champagne Hangover

    Why do I see the lot of them living in a double wide trailer after the reality tv bubble bursts…
    meth faces, cut off jeans, neck tattoos dirty rubber flip flops and all? Hmmm, why is that I wonder….????