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#RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Says ‘Infected’ Feces Scalpel Nearly Killed Her Daughter Briana Culberson

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Briana Culberson is lucky to be alive following a major sanitary mistake during surgery last year.

Briana’s mom Vicki Gunvalson, opened up about her daughter’s ordeal that resulted in an infection she got after undergoing surgery in Oklahoma.

“It almost killed my daughter. [The scalpel they used while treating her was infected] with feces from a previous surgery that day they put inside her body. So, not good, she almost lost her leg,” Vicki shared on Access Hollywood this week about the incident, not specifying just when it happened. “I mean, she almost died and all this stuff.”

Briana Culberson’s health struggles have been going on for several years — and last year she revealed that after many ups and downs she was eventually diagnosed with lupus. 

“She’s been having some struggle,” but the mother of two made a full recovery thanks to doctors at Los Angeles’ City of Hope who prescribed her three weeks of intravenous antibiotics. “[They] got all of it out of her body,” Vicki shared.

Culberson returned home to California full-time following the medical mishap. 

 “She’s home. She lives seven minutes away from me,” Vicki said. “Family is good. We have a normal family now. Everyone gets along.”

The reality star’s daughter continues to undergo chemotherapy treatments for her Lupus every four to six weeks at UCLA Medical Center. But recently suffered a hiccup with her medical provider.

“The doctor just emailed her and said, ‘I’m moving to San Francisco.’ So finding the proper medical care when you’re diagnosed with something like that has been a challenge for Briana,” Vicki shared. “But she’s alive.”

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