’90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After’ Recap: Mohamed Finds A New Victim & Danielle Explodes! ‘Your Dick Is Going To Fall Off’

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The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After ride continues — an odd mishmash of same-old same-old, and brand new beginnings. Let’s check in with our two favorite couples!

Jorge and Anfisa

Anfisa growls through the phone to kick off the episode, bringing us back to last week’s demon nightmare. The hellish rant does the trick — and Jorge cancels his covert appointment with his lawyer to hightail it home to his wife. Cameras are not allowed to witness Jorge’s tense reentry, and Jorge soon exits the apartment with pre-packed luggage — booted out of the love nest again. Jorge ponders his situation, and brilliantly concludes that Anfisa is selfish and childish. He finds the behavior strange, considering her beloved green card interview is right around the corner. Jorge is later seen moping in his hotel room, beating himself up for being a sneaky dog. He drops $162 on an apology bouquet, and hopes that Anfisa falls for it. Cameras are welcomed in for the fresh round of groveling, but Anfisa is annoyed by his lackluster effort.

Anfisa was peeved that Jorge disappeared without her permission, but admits that her devil roar was a little over the top. They kiss and make up, and as they disappear into the bedroom, Jorge pats himself on the back for the saying it with overpriced flowers. Next thing we know, it’s Anfisa’s green card interview day, and the couple is late and on edge. They bicker in the parking lot, as Jorge wonders how they will sell their love story, while spitting nails at each other. They snipe at each other during the drive, and Anfisa snarks that once the green card is in her clutches, she is outta there.

Jorge knows that she’s kidding, but is worried that the threat is real. They enter and exit the building, and Anfisa is a victorious green card holder. They chitchat about the process, and ponder Anfisa’s freedom to legally drive away from Jorge. But will she?

Danielle and Mohamed

We catch up with Danielle on moving day. The lovelorn mom has scored a TLC funded trailer, and is over the moon as a new homeowner. The family hauls in their furniture, and is excited for a fresh start away from the Tunisian bloodsucker. Danielle mentions her new long distance lover, and alarmingly notes that it’s too soon to be talking about dragging another strange man into the family home. Danielle wistfully dreams of unloading her cheap dishes with Mohamed, but her girls point out that he only caused trouble — requesting that his name not pollute their new home. The family banters about the chances of Mohamed disappearing forever, and what a joy that would be. Danielle is already softening her badass annulment stance, as evidenced by a blubbering confessional spot. Danielle just doesn’t know how she will handle trailer life, knowing that Mohamed is so far away.

We check in with Mohamed, who is rewinding his high-drama love life — claiming to be a victim-magnet for cuckoo-birds like his wife. Mohamed reveals that he’s still looking for love, aka Plan B. We meet his latest mark, an Uber passenger named Diamond. The duo meets up for a frisbee toss, as Diamond gushes about Mohamed’s fantastically awesome  personality. Mohamed tells Diamond his mini-tale of Ohio woe, and she plays along, selling that she doesn’t already know the deal. Mohamed invites her to Tunisia, and because Mohamed is fun, fun, fun — Diamond is up for it.

Back in Ohio, Danielle’s tears have dried up — her eyes shocked into reality after checking out Mohamed’s social media. She was initially encouraged by Mohamed’s family apology, and had high hopes for a faux friendship — that is before new photos of a strange Hooters hussy began showing up on his page. Mohamed’s lower half has been hyperactive — so good ol’ Beth swoops in to lend a sympathetic ear. Danielle feels disrespected in her marriage — but ignores the fact that she’s also been openly canoodling on the side.

Beth reminds her that her hubby is the worst, and Danielle agrees, especially because all of Mohamed’s groupies are skinny and pretty. The hotties push Danielle back into the angry zone, so she does another spin, swearing that she will make him regret his overactive libido. Danielle phones Mohamed and blasts him for the chick-pic, and for wreaking havoc in her family. Mohamed spills some hot tea about Danielle swiping funds — which she denies. Beth grabs the phone and barks threats, working to overwhelm his chatter.

Beth tries to convince Danielle that Mohamed has no interest in friendship, and pushes her to see a pro, to go after the annulment. Danielle is freshly determined to prove Mohamed’s shady game — again.

Next week, Danielle meets with a lawyer, and Jorge’s sister lets Anfisa have it.


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