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EXCLUSIVE: #SouthernCharm Season 4 Reunion (Part 1) Spoilers EXPOSED!

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The first part of the Southern Charm reunion series will air on Monday, July 10 — and the Charleston tea is hot!

Below check out AllAboutTheTea.com’s exclusive #spoilers on part one of the Southern Charm Season 4 two-part reunion:

  • Cameran Eubanks reveals she’s 4 months pregnant, having a baby girl and due in November. She also addresses fan backlash that she’s having her baby for her husband.
  • Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover’s relationship is examined. The couple announces that they hit “rock bottom” almost two months ago, but have not split. They admit that it’s an uphill climb — but are committed to rebuilding their relationship.
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  • Kathryn Dennis names Whitney Sudler-Smith and Landon Clements as two “voices” who unfairly discredited her to Thomas Ravenel during their relationship. She claims they told Thomas she’s too young, she’s not appropriate, and she partied and was doing xyz.
  • Shep Rose’s drinking issues are addressed. He admits that he’s unhappy with what he sees in himself, but made a conscious decision to honestly explore his struggles during filming. He hopes to change his ways.
  • Austen Kroll talks leaving his beer job after they asked him to move to Savannah. He discussed his personal pain in sharing the death of his sister. He also talks about his relationship with Chelsea Meissner.
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  • Kathryn is asked about her stint in rehab, and claims that her “drug of choice,” is marijuana. She labels reports of failed sobriety “fake news,” and says that she’s been sober for eight months. She notes that being “self critical,” drove her to her choices, and that the world is “cruel.”
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  • Kathryn accuses Landon of “leaking” the flunked drug test tea on the season three reunion — ignoring the fact that AllAboutTheTea.com reported in 2016 the news before the cast sit-down. Thomas, Landon, and Andy Cohen all point out that they read the news “on the internet” before the reunion.
  • Kathryn contradicts herself several times — and Cohen and members of the cast appear confused by several of her responses.
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  • Jennifer Snowden takes the stage, and Kathryn accuses her of lying under oath, after being subpoenaed for the custody case. Jennifer slams Kathryn for spreading rumors about her son’s paternity. Jennifer takes the reunion stage, and faces off against Kathryn. Kathryn’s harsh treatment of Jennifer is addressed. Jennifer confronts Kathryn about her accusation pointing to Thomas as the father of her baby son, Ascher. Kathryn admits that the accusation is a LIE, and claims that she was just repeating a rumor. Jennifer blasts Kathryn for trying to shirk responsibility, nailing her for spreading the nasty LIE while playing innocent. Jennifer also calls out Kathryn for a pattern blaming others for her own issues. Jennifer communicates effectively, and hammers Kathryn hard.
  • Thomas’ patience wears thin, and he warns Kathryn that he’s prepared to expose a game-changing secret if they go to court, that will ruin any hope for a  future career.   

The Southern Charm reunion takes off, Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo. Don’t miss it!


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