#TeenMomOG Mackenzie Standifer EXPOSED After Accusing Maci Bookout of ‘Enabling’ Ryan Edwards’ Drug Addiction!

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Mackenzie Standifer had her say on the Teen Mom OG finale special — after shocking MTV footage exposed her as a junkie bride. Ryan Edwards is a married man — but his wife is facing an uphill climb to win back viewers, after one of the most disturbing scenes in Teen Mom history.

Doped I Do

Mackenzie married her reality beau in a quickie ceremony, made famous by Ryan driving drugged and nodding off at the wheel. Mackenzie was heard explaining that the rushed nuptials were due to custody issues relating to eight-year-old Bentley — the child Ryan shares with Maci McKinney. However, we all know that no judge would give custody rights to an obvious addict. Supposedly, the wedding was originally planned for November, but was bumped up amid Ryan’s plan to seek treatment. Some might wonder if Mackenzie deliberately rushed Ryan to the altar before he got clean and changed his mind. 

Blind or Busted?

Mackenzie denied having knowledge of Ryan’s addiction issues — but was filmed in several suspicious scenes with the addict. On the couple’s ripped  ride to their wedding, Mackenzie purposely smacked Ryan into momentary coherency several times, and her dodgy side-eyes screamed busted panic — not ignorance. Audio was played where viewers heard Mackenzie questioning Ryan about taking Xanax “again.” Does she expect viewers to believe that she was marrying a raging junkie without her knowledge? If so, she was marrying a stranger — albeit an MTV-famous one.

Marriage Mayhem

The wedding debacle was as disastrous as the death ride to the altar. Mackenzie’s frantic last minute gown-grab, her disinterest in Ryan’s mother’s distressed tears, and her delight at her groom’s dazed “I do” were all moving horrors within one desperate spectacle. Larry and Jen Edwards were clearly aware of their son’s state, and pathetically desperate for any note of stability in Ryan’s life — even if his anchor was/is an MTV fame whore.

Dear Maci

Mackenzie’s “open letter” to Maci Bookout appeared to be a clear  strategy to counter expected fan backlash — after footage exposed Ryan endangering himself, his bride, and other motorists on the road that day. Mackenzie blamed Maci for “exploiting” Ryan’s condition on the reality show, and even enabling his crash and burn. Mackenzie stormed offstage when challenged, obviously unable to go off script. She knew that she was caught luring Ryan straight into a wedding band — knowing that her groom’s life was a chaotic mess. There was no out — so she blamed the TMOG rat who had exposed them both.

Bentley Who?

Mackenzie claimed that the quickie nuptials were all about Bentley — but her behavior proved just the opposite. She allowed Ryan to endanger his own life. She allowed a life-changer to be sealed while Ryan was not of sound mind. She slammed Bentley’s mother on national television — and accused her of deliberately ignoring his father’s downward spiral. She used the boy as an excuse to rush a marriage that should have never taken place. She showed no concern for Bentley’s weeping grandmother, or the fact that Bentley was not present for the ceremony. Mackenzie blasted the one person who showed genuine concern for Bentley, along with his troubled father.

Let us know what you think of Mackenzie’s defense — what’s the REAL story?

Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG finale airs Monday night, on MTV.


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