#RHOP Recap: Karen Huger’s 20th Anniversary Party Dazzles & Shocks The Ladies!

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Happy 4th of July weekend! It’s the season finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac and we have fireworks! We resume the inquisition of Karen’s motives for moving to Great Falls at Charrisse’s champagne party. Karen calls Ashley an idiot after she suggests there’s another reason for the move. The ladies want to know why, but Karen doesn’t want to say why. Karen changes the subject by announcing she’ll be throwing a very exotic anniversary / home warming party, and that not everyone will be invited. Sensing that Karen is talking to her, Ashley is quick to apologize for being a bitch and calling her broke-ass out.

Next up we join Robyn at her house as she goes through a trash bag full of kids shoes. Juan struts in without a care in the world because Robyn takes care of everything. He tells her about an opportunity to coach women’s basketball. Robyn is shocked that Juan will actually consider this – and aren’t we all. She decides to tell Juan about the masses of men in Bermuda hitting on her and the failed dating assignment her therapist gave her.   

Juan is shocked that Robyn went to see a therapist. Not about the other men, mind you, just the therapist. Robyn blames it on some of the girls who keep asking about the two of them. Juan points out that Robyn is a grown-ass woman and doesn’t have to answer to them. Or to you, Juan. Robyn continues to talk, and no kidding, Juan is about to fall asleep, but then laughs at Robyn when she says she wants to spend more time together. Juan tells her, “Whatever your mind is telling you, Robyn, then you do it.” But here’s the zinger. Juan tells Robyn he considers her to be his best friend. She smiles like this is good news, when it’s the kiss of death. Juan throws Robyn a bone and says maybe they’ll go to dinner in six months. 

Over at Karen and Ray’s new 14K square-foot mansion with nine bedrooms, perfect for just two people, they are discussing what the word “downsizing,” actually means. Black Bill Gates is confused. This was supposed to be a smaller house and it’s three times bigger. Karen changes the subject to their exotic Indian party. Ray reminds Karen they are African, not Indian, so he wants some of that at the party, too. The Grand Dame says marriage is all about compromising.

Gizelle is meeting up with Kevin to dump him and girl is nervous. Gizelle says she doesn’t want to mess up their friendship, but it will. Kevin says he wants to elevate their friendship, and Gizelle just keeps on drinking, hoping he’ll take the hint and she won’t have to embarrass his ass on television. A few drinks later, Gizelle finally asks if they can just be friends. Kevin says it’s cool, avoiding the embarrassing on-air dump.

Monique is flipping her hair at her new digs when Karen, Charrisse and Ashley stop by to see the place. Karen says she and Ray shopped this neighborhood but decided to go to Great Falls instead. Monique tells the girls she’s contemplating putting mirrors on some of the ceilings. In an effort to cleanse the bad energy, Charrisse lights up a giant blunt  sage stick and walks the house chanting, “Out with bad energy, in with good.” After the house stinks real good, Karen tells everyone they need to dress real exotic-like for her party. Karen bestows Ashley an invitation. Ashley then tells Monique that she should be the Duchess of Potomac – which is a total dig because Duchess outranks Grand Dame.

Charrisse, Robyn, and Ashley go shopping for Bollywood clothes. The ladies discuss how they can see right through Karen and Ray’s pretend happiness and that they are really miserable. Nothing else happens.

It’s party time! Karen and Ray are in the bedroom, putting on the final touches. Karen’s red and gold two-piece sari is beautiful, however, Ray impersonating an African prince doesn’t match Karen. She gives Ray the photo of herself in his button down shirt, he asks where her clothes are.

Charrisse and Gizelle are the first to arrive and have no idea why Karen and Ray said they were downsizing, and picked something so huge. In walks American Indian princess Monique, who confused India with Native Indian. The headdress is especially embarrassing. Monique thinks this play on words is cute and funny, but people in Potomac don’t have a sense of humor apparently. 

Robyn looks very nice in her purple dress and did not bring Juan. Can I get an amen! Robyn says she thought only 20 people were going to be here, not all these paid extras. Ashley walks up and she also is confused because where are the damn drinks people!

Karen and Ray finally make their grand entrances and wave to the crowd like Grande Dames of Potomac! The party is underway and looks like fun. There are African & Indian dancers, fire-eaters in the back yard, and finally the guests are given drinks. Ashely and Monique got henna tattoos while their husbands talk smack about the Huger house being a front for something else. And what the hell is Michael wearing? Dude, so not sexy. Ray speaks and tells everyone that his marriage doesn’t feel like it’s been 20-years and Karen tells the guests she’s aged so well because of Ray’s love. Very sweet! Then to the surprise (or dismay) of their party guests, Mr. & Mrs. Huger engage in a hot and heavy french kiss! This totally shocks the women since, they all presumed Karen’s marriage was in trouble because of her quick move.  

Ashley apologizes to Robyn for sticking her nose in her “bidness,” because it didn’t belong there. Karen’s daughter Rayvin announces a message for her mom. It’s from Karen’s mom who is struggling with dementia. Karen cries at the pre-recorded message wishing them the best. 

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 is a wrap! 

Charrisse – Inspired by her champagne room, she has renovated her entire home. She no longer communicates with Eddie, but still hasn’t received divorce papers. What they don’t say is who paid for those renovations.

Robyn and Juan are finally making time for each other. Robyn quit therapy. Still no word if the cheating rumors were true. What they don’t say is that Robyn should go back to therapy and quit Juan.

Gizelle and Kevin remain friends without benefits. Gizelle is now dating a retired basketball player she met at the gym. “Word on the street” is her mom approves. What they don’t say is if Gizelle checked his bank account first.

Monique and Chris recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in Dubai & Thailand. Monique is slowly perfecting her Potomac home but has yet to move in. A shark tank has already been installed in the new kitchen. What they don’t say is if Monique will come back next season since she doesn’t live there.

Ashley and Michael’s relationship is still rocky. The restaurant has yet to break even. Emu still remains on the menu. What they don’t say is whether Ashley and her Oz chef have something cooking on the side.

Karen and Ray are enjoying their next chapter together. She’s working on becoming the new Grand Dame of Great Falls…but still considers herself the Grand Dame of Potomac. What they don’t say is why the Grand Dame didn’t have a house already picked out if she wanted to sell. More to come on that.

Tune in next week for The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion part 1. The women may look classy, but get real messy! Don’t miss it.


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