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#RHOA Kenya Moore Talks New Husband At The Essence Festival!

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Kenya Moore was all smiles this week, as she spoke at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the event, Kenya described her newlywed status as the most, “blissful” time of her life.

“It has been the most blissful time in my life. A little scary and blissful at the same time.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star tied the knot in June, after a six-month romance with her husband, Marc Daly.

Kenya’s new husband was a no-show at the event but undoubtedly the main topic of her discussion.

“My husband is extremely supportive. He is always encouraging me. He’s my rock. He’s my protector.”

The 46-year-old reality diva said after many failed relationships, she began to buy into the negative labels RHOA viewers placed on her.

“Honestly, I never thought it would happen to To me. You’ve seen me go through so many things. I’m on the show where I really felt in my quiet moments that is it true what they’re saying? I can’t keep a man, I can’t find someone to really love me for me. Is it ever going to happen? I’m a 46 year old woman. And I’m a black woman. And so the statistics show that over 44% of us never get married, and that’s a real fact.”

The reality TV star credits her faith for helping her find true love.

“So for me, I just kept the faith and just kept hoping and it just happened for me in a way I never expected it to. So it had to be God.”

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The former Miss USA also addressed rumors that her husband is a paid actor like previous staged relationships. Kenya revealed that it is part of the reason why she is keeping her new marriage out of the public eye. 

“I wanted a real chance at having a real relationship that can stand the test of time.” Kenya told an audience of her peers. “I didn’t want to have an Instagram relationship. I didn’t want everyone to be in the middle and criticizing whether or not it’s real or I paid somebody. You know, the silly rumors that they say about me at times.”

Kenya said she wants to focus on her loving relationship without being distracted from the public.

“I just wanted for it to be flushed out. If it’s real it will survive and we don’t need to be public for us to have a relationship. I didn’t feel the need to serve the public. I just wanted to have a chance at really being in love.”

And she draws strength from her grandmother, who instilled strong religious values in her.

“Number one, my strength comes from my grandmother who raised me. I think a lot of people might know that, I have an amazing grandmother who’s now 86-years-old. And she was a Jehovah’s Witness. And she instilled the faith in me and God and to believe and to have faith and no matter what you are going through God will always have your back. So that is where I ultimately draw all of my strength from.”


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