MTV Drug Crisis! Simon Saran Accuses #TeenMomOG Producer Of Giving Ryan Edwards Drugs Amid Driving While High Scandal!

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Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards is currently in the fight of his life — battling a serious opiate drug addiction. But is MTV enabling his addiction?

Last night’s season 6 finale aired an alarming scene of Ryan driving to his wedding — clearly under the influence. His girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, questioned if the MTV dad had taken Xanax and quickly removed the MTV dash cams to hide the disturbing visual.

After the episode aired, Farrah Abraham‘s boyfriend Simon Saran, started accusing one of the show’s producers, Kiki Malone, of giving Ryan pills. Simon tweeted, “Someone needs to open up an investigation on Kiki giving Ryan pills. It’s really fucked up! They could have died or killed!”

As Teen Mom fans know, this is not Simon’s first time making bold accusations about Kiki feeding Ryan pills. Malone, who’s been employed with MTV since 2009, has made many appearances on the show, has yet to directly address Simon’s career-ending accusations, not to mention legally libel.

During the shocking episode, Simon tweeted, “Kiki keeps the supply coming like Pablo Escobar!” Yikes!

While Simon hasn’t posted any proof to back up his claims, he’s not known to simply fabricate tales to get a rise out of people on Twitter.

MTV (the network) and the MTV producer at the center of the damaging allegations have not denounced Simon’s statements or pursue legal action. 

On June 6, KiKi tweeted a message about bullying, but by no means is that a direct response to Simon’s very serious drug accusations.

Do you think the MTV producer supplies Ryan with drugs? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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