Ryan Edwards’ Fame Hungry Bride Mackenzie Standifer Allows Him To Drive High On Drugs — Twitter Questions Her Motives!

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Teen Mom OG wrapped it’s regular season Monday night, and fans witnessed a horror show, on Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer’s road to the altar. MTV even warned that disturbing images were on the way — before revealing Ryan, doped and zoned out at the wheel of a moving car. His fiancee noticed, but rather than demanding that Ryan pull over, Mackenzie just moved to shut down the dashboard mounted camera.

Mackenzie questioned Ryan about taking Xanax — which he denied. Many viewers believed that Ryan’s appearance pointed to something much stronger.

Twitter exploded during the episode, sounding off about the junkie jaw-dropper.




Ryan later submitted to a brief stint in rehab — but the disturbing addiction visual will be hard for viewers to shake. Mackenzie presented an eerie calmness during the unnerving spectacle, seemingly unfazed by Ryan’s sobbing and distraught mother. The ceremony unfolded in a surreal series of snippets — and the scene was a disturbing one.

What did you think of the nuptial nightmare?

The Teen Mom OG reunion special airs on Monday night, on MTV.


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