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#SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis Caused Daughter’s Hearing Loss & Dressed Child In ‘Sexy’ Lingerie Panties — Court Docs Reveal!

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Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have not reached an agreement in their custody battle and are scheduled to face-off in a South Carolina court in September. And as the custody battle heats up, new murky details expose a sad existence for the couple’s children, Kensie, 3, and Saint, 1, while in their mother’s care.

During the Southern Charm season four finale, viewers witnessed a glimmer of renewed hope for the reality TV parents but their current reality is a far cry from the ideal reconciliation painted on the Bravo reality series Monday night.

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Court documents obtained by Daily Mail UK, reveal shocking text messages exchanged  between Thomas and Kathryn, spanning from February thru March 2017.

On February 6, Thomas sent Kathryn the following text:

“You’re wasting time and money. But keep drugging. Hopefully it will be a moot point soon. The judge and guardian are shocked at your behavior. Shameful that you can’t pass a drug test.”

As reported, in June 2016, Kathryn attended a brief stint in rehab, then after her release, she failed a drug test in March 2017.

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As fans speculated, Kathryn’s drug use while pregnant and ongoing substance abuse has negatively impacted both her children’s health. Thomas blasts the unfit mom in the same text message, revealing that daughter Kensie, suffers from hearing loss due to her mother’s poor parenting.

“Did you even read the audiologist’ report? All bc Kensey was under your care for two years. Hopefully I can reverse the damage. And poor Saint is suffering from what you put him through while pregnant.”

In another text, Thomas tells Kathryn,

“You have nobody to blame but that person you’re staring at when you (sic) caking on all that makeup.”

He also asks Kensie’s mother to stop putting their daughter in inappropriate underwear.

“please no more sexy lingerie panties with a bow and a heart for a three year old please,’ referring to their daughter.”

On May 1, Thomas accused Kathryn of stalking people he communicates with.

“You are stalking people that hv been sending me messages and sending them nasty notes. I’m so done with you. See you in court. You’re mentally ill.”

Thomas seemingly frustrated with his baby mama’s antics, warns that secrets will come out in court that will end her career.

“So much discussing (sic) shit, its going come out on u in court you’ll never work again or see your kids.”

Apparently, Kathryn has been engaged in some local Charleston whoring with a man named Ashley Pillar and his buddies.

“Keep on sexting and f***ing Ashley’s friends. It’s so sick.”

Kathryn has previously petitioned the court asking that Thomas pay $50,000 of her legal fees, a $50,000 punitive fine and that he submit to “a full psychological evaluation,” because she believes he, ‘uses opiates in conjunction with multiple instances of violent and erratic behavior.” Kathryn makes these accusations, although Thomas continues to test negative on all his drug screens since their custody battle began in May 2016. 

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In an interview with a gossip rag, Kathryn accused Thomas of conducting a ‘smear campaign,’ against her and she released one of her drug test results. Kathryn’s actions falsely gives the public a distortion of her true drug history, because she omitted her failed drug tests since leaving rehab. In response to Kathryn’s reckless disregard for their court ordered gag order — Thomas responded by filing a court action on May 19th. 

Thomas‘ legal team are now demanding that in light of this partial release, she should be compelled to make public all her drug tests since her release from rehab, including ‘the failed drug tests.’

As reported, Kathryn is legally allowed no physical contact with her children, Kensie, 3, and Saint, 1, after failing a drug test since leaving rehab. Ravenel allows Kathryn only occasional FaceTime chats with the children.

Their next court date is in September.


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