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Tears, Lies & Threats! #SouthernCharm Season 4 Reunion EXCLUSIVE — Spoilers, Pics & All The Tea Here!

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Southern Charm wraps season 4 tonight, setting fans up for a sure to be epic reunion series. Check out our exclusive spoilers, a preview helping of hot Southern Charm tea!

*Spoilers Ahead*
  • Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis’ broken relationship is examined. Thomas points out that generational and lifestyle differences will forever prevent reconciliation. He delivers one of his trademark speeches, comparing the lengthy construction of his family’s famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge to their relationship. Thomas tells Kathryn that he will remember the good times, and prays that she has a lifetime of happiness.
  • Kathryn throws out legal threats at Thomas, but he shuts her down, assuring her that they will settle out of court eventually.
  • At one point, Kathryn gets nasty, implying that Thomas has something going on with Jennifer Snowden. Thomas threatens to reveal information so damaging that it would ruin Kathryn’s reputation forever. AllAboutTheTea.com has knowledge of the shocker, but will not disclose the information. Thomas’ threat works, and Kathryn immediately changes her tune.
  • Jennifer Snowden takes the reunion stage, and faces off against Kathryn. Kathryn’s harsh treatment of Jennifer is addressed. Jennifer confronts Kathryn about her accusation pointing to Thomas as the father of her baby son, Ascher. Kathryn admits that the accusation is a LIE, and claims that she was just repeating a rumor. Jennifer blasts Kathryn for trying to shirk responsibility, nailing her for spreading the nasty LIE while playing innocent. Jennifer also calls out Kathryn for a pattern blaming others for her own issues. Jennifer communicates effectively, and hammers Kathryn hard.
  • Landon and Kathryn rehash the supposed root of their hyped conflict — Landon’s Valentine’s Day weekend trip with Thomas, after his split from  Kathryn.
  • Kathryn cries through 80% of the reunion filming. She plays the victim card, and works to tug on viewers’ heartstrings. She pours it on thick,  referencing demon battles, her stint in rehab, and losing custody of the children affects HER life (not her kids lives). Kathryn continues to point fingers — and ultimately takes no responsibility for her actions.
  • Tensions boil over between Shep Rose and Craig Conover as they squabble over issues from the season.

Check out the reunion seating chart below.

Cameran Eubanks’ baby bump makes its reunion debut.

What are your thoughts about the post-season drama? Sound off in the comments!

Southern Charm’s finale episode airs tonight, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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