‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ CLAPS Back At #RHOBH Star Erika Jayne’s Rude Comments About Their Cast!

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Erika (Girardi) Jayne is keeping busy during her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills downtime — dishing advice to reality newbies clear across the globe. Erika recently visited Australia, and weighed in on reports labeling the Real Housewives of Sydney too mean for American TV. Erika shades the cast as boring and one-note in the telling interview.

“Mmm … you need to see humanity,” Erika told news.com.au “It’s one thing to have a difference with someone, but don’t be shrill. You can’t fight just for a fight’s sake — that means you’re a boring human being.”

Ironically, one of the most common RHOBH fan complaints points to Erika inspiring nothing but yawns — a put-on persona her only shot at coloring a dull personality.

“Everybody’s busy,” Erika continued, referencing the 90210 cast. “…so it’s not just ‘Let’s all get together and beat the s**t out of each other.’ We have things that are going on in our lives: husbands, businesses. It has to be well-rounded.”

Erika doled out sage Bravoleb wisdom, when asked if she had any advice for the Sydney cast.

“Be yourself and don’t be afraid to sometimes be soft,” Erika said. “You don’t have to speak all the time. Just be true to your heart. If you don’t feel like tearing someone apart, then don’t do it. Don’t do it because you feel like that’s the way you’re going to stay on the show.”

Sydney Housewife, Krissy Marsh, clapped back at Erika’s choice words, blasting the raunchy dance queen’s perception of her life. Her co-star, Victoria Rees, chimed in, also surprised by Erika’s presumptuous comments.

Viewers jumped into the mix, blasting Erika’s self-inflated opinions, and the Beverly Hills franchise.



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