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‘We’re Getting Divorced!’ #LittleWomenLA Briana Renee Explodes After Husband Matt Cheats In Alaska!

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Briana Renee’s husband Matt Grundhoffer has cheated, sexted other women, and ditched her when she was pregnant, but the 36-year old mom always forgave her husband. Matt swore he was a changed man but as expected his promises were short-lived.

On tonight’s all-new episode of Little Women: LA, all hell breaks loose when the little mom of two confronts her love rat husband about cheating while on their Alaskan trip.

Rumors started circulating that Matt hooked up with a female bartender after he didn’t return to the couple’s hotel room until 5:00 a.m. And normally, the reality star ignores the rumors but it appears she’s finally seeing the light about her disturbed husband.

“You shouldn’t be talking to this woman when you’re supposed to be coming up to your room!” Briana scolded Matt.

But as usual, Matt deflects and tries to turn the argument on Briana.

“Nobody else puts up this with much sh*t when they’re married to someone,” he barks.

But Briana is not having it and hammers the habitual skirt-chaser for the truth. Feeling pressured, the 40-year-old father, eventually comes clean about the hotel help frolic.

“I did not have sex…I kissed her,” he says sheepishly.

Briana is enraged at his admission and threatens the “D” word.

“You’re sick!” Briana responds. “We’re getting divorced!”

The aspiring model has finally seen the light and I can hear her Little Women: LA co-stars cheering from here! Briana has defended 40-year-old Grundhoffer’s transgressions time and time again on her Lifetime hit show, to the disapproval of her family and friends.

In 2016, Matt was caught in a sexting scandal with trans supermodel, Plastic Martyr. A year before that, a woman named Makayla claimed Matt sent her her naked pictures and “vulgar” texts.

Do you think Briana will divorce Matt? Sound off in the comments.


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