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#TeenMomOG Amber Portwood Admits Ex Matt Baier’s A ‘Pathological Liar’ Who Controlled Her MTV Paycheck!

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Amber Portwood finally came clean about her relationship with Matt Baier, after MTV exposed an alarming pattern between the Teen Mom OG star and her controversial beau, on Monday night’s Unseen Moments special.

MTV aired a never been-before-seen clip, where Baier, 46, was holding onto Amber’s driver’s license — a controlling patten Amber admitted had gone on for two years. Amber had previously revealed that Baier also took care of the couple’s bills.

“He took it upon himself,” Amber said on Monday. “I realized it in the last few months that I’m not going to do that anymore. I’m going to take control of a lot more stuff.”

The couple’s relationship has been a question mark over the past several weeks, with Amber sidestepping any concrete response, when asked to clarify where the couple stands. Amber confirmed on Monday’s show that they are no longer engaged, but admitted that Baier is still in the picture. Amber confirmed what most fans suspected — that Baier is a “pathological liar,” who needs help.

“He needs help,” she said. “If he wants this relationship to work he needs to change his lying.”

Baier’s shady history includes fudging the number of kids he has fathered over the years. Baier originally claimed two — but was later exposed as the  father of least nine children. He denied Twitter-hitting on MTV stars, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, claiming that “a friend” reached out to his early targets. He denied an addiction crash, after being caught giving Catelynn Baltierra a Xanax during a cast event, but later admitted that he relapsed last December, taking a “good amount of pills.” He was busted by shifty side-chick, Tiffany Basset, the tattoo artist exposing the tawdry story of the pair’s brief January fling, complete with graphic proof.

Supposedly, Amber broke off the engagement after a lie detector test exposed Baier as a fibber. However, the reality star still says that if Matt is willing to “change everything,” she is willing to work on the relationship. Amber admitted that therapy has saved her life.

“I go to a therapist and it helps me vent and be calm and cope with everything going on in my life,” Amber said. “Without it I would be dead with all the bullshit going on right now. I would definitely be gone. I need my alone time. It felt good to be alone and be with my cousin and family. They’re embracing me even though I pushed them away for a long time.”

Amber and Matt are currently in L.A., filming the upcoming season of “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars.”

Do you think that Amber will give Matt another shot? Sound off in the comments!

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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