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Shannon Beador Lashes Out At Lydia McLaughlin & Blames Vicki Gunvalson Again!

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Bravo has released another preview snippet of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County — the Facebook video revealing  trouble brewing between Shannon Beador and returning character, Lydia McLaughlin. Lydia dares to compare Shannon to her reality  nemesis, Vicki Gunvalson — which triggers a dramatic “I’M DONE” from Mrs. DavidDavid Beador.

“I was upset when you said I was just like Vicki,Shannon says in response to Lydia calling her out for “screaming” at her. “That’s what set me off.”

“This reaction clearly has to do with a lot of other stuff going on, and has nothing to do with me,” Lydia says, in a confessional spot. “I just met this chick five minutes ago.”

Lydia pronounces the friendship doomed, and reminds Shannon that her mother labeled her a “lost soul.”  Shannon storms off in a noisy huff — her classic reaction when someone nails her to a wall. 

Vicki and Shannon’s battered friendship is reentering the Bravo war zone — on which side do you think Lydia will land, after the ladies spill their tea to the returning new girl?

Press play to watch the meltdown above The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres July 10th.


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